2019 issues of Bottles and Extras

Bottles and Extras

Vol. 30 No. 1 | January – February 2019 | No. 241    (Read Bottles and Extras)

Features: This North Carolina Distiller Had the “Old Nick” in Him Jack Sullivan 14 Cleaning Privy Iron Ed Stewart 24 Privies of Augusta, Georgia Uncovered by Radar Unit Bill Baab 32 Bottle Collecting A Chautauqua Chris Hartz 38 Warner’s Log Cabin Remedies: The Other Safe Remedies Stephen R. Jackson 48 David Tingen: A Profile of Bottle Collecting 58 

Vignettes: Shards of Wisdom History’s CornerGold Rush Artifact Hunters Archival Research Specialists Reginald Shoeman 26 Book Review: The Coca-Cola Trail Bill Baab 57 Lost & Found 60 Virtual Museum News 56 Member Photo Gallery 64

Departments: Table of Contents 1 FOHBC Officer Listing 2018-2020 2 President’s Message 3 FOHBC News, From and For Our Members 6 Classified Ads & Ad Rate Info 66 Membership Directory 67 FOHBC Show-Biz, Show Calendar Listings 68 Membership Application 72