3-part series on “Burdock Blood Bitters”

In from one of newest Fed members and noted Civil War author Jim Schmidt…Make sure you visit his blog site and sign up to receive his posts.

Part I of a 3-part series on “Burdock Blood Bitters” includes an 1883 letter from the manufacturer to a potential customer/”patient” in Virginia…also mentioned are Logan & Co., longtime druggists in Wheeling, WV. Parts II and III coming this week. Enjoy.

In Part II of my 3-part series on “Burdock Blood Bitters“, I’m pleased to offer scans of pages from an 1889 BBB almanac (my collection).

In Part III of my 3-part series on “Burdock Blood Bitters, In this third and final post in a 3-part series on Burdock Blood Bitters I include a photo of a beautiful labeled Burdock bottle from the collection of friend and bitters collector extraordinaire, Ferdinand Meyer at Peachridge Glass.