Code of Ethics

Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors

Code of Ethics

Mission Statement: The Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors (FOHBC) is a non-profit organization supporting collectors of historical bottles, flasks, jars, and related items. The goal of the FOHBC is to promote the collection, study, preservation and display of historical bottles and related artifacts and to share this information with other collectors and individuals.

A Code of Ethics enables the Federation to assist current and future members in understanding the ethical responsibilities of the organization. This Code establishes principles that outline ethical behavior to be observed and practiced within the organization. For the Code to be effective, members must be aware of their own values, attitudes, beliefs and behavior and as such must avoid imposing such feelings or attitudes on others that are not consistent with the mission of the organization.

This Code is to serve as a guide for ethical practices of all members within FOHBC. The dignity and the worth of all members are to be upheld. The FOHBC Code of Ethics adhere to following the criteria:

1. Have full respect for all members of the organization.

2. All remarks made at formal meetings must be for the benefit of all members.

3. No member of the organization is to be maligned within a formal meeting of the organization.

4. A positive viewpoint moves the organization forward while negative viewpoints lessen the effectiveness of the organization.

5. Information provided about the organization or about individual members is not to be repeated unless verification exists.

6. Personal or negative feelings about an individual within the organization are not acceptable.

7. Any assigned responsibility is to be performed in a forthright and friendly manner.

8. Members of the organization must adhere to the Bylaws of the organization.

9. Do not reach within the organization nor outside the organization for input on a personal issue before it is presented to the Directors of the Federation.

10. All Board members have a responsibility to conduct their duties in a courteous and efficient manner.

11. Any member handling finances within the Federation must be trustworthy and provide such monies to the Treasurer with appropriate receipts and within a short time span.

12. All members have the responsibility to adhere to the Mission Statement of FOHBC and to advance the organization whenever possible.