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Printed copies of BOTTLES and EXTRAS are available. The current bi-monthly issue of BOTTLES and EXTRAS sells for $7. Prior issues are $5 each. Please note issues when you request. Shipping and handling will be an additional cost and on average is $10.

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The following issues are sold out and not available: January | February 2008, March | April  2010, November | December 2011, November | December 2012, January | February 2013



White T-Shirts TS with various art are available in different sizes such as small, medium, large and x-large. Please note art description (example: TS-A FOHBC Logo), size and quantity. T-Shirts are $20 each. Click image to enlarge. Cost does not include shipping and handling.


Dress Shirts

FOHBC Shirts

Dress Shirts (DS) with the FOHBC logo on the pocket are available in different sizes. There are DS-A Denim Shirts ($30 each), DS-B Cotton Shirts ($30 each) and DS-C Polo Shirts ($30 each). Shirts come in small, medium, large and x-large sizes. Please note size, color and quantity. Cost does not include shipping and handling.

Coffee Mugs


Coffee Mugs (CM) with either the FOHBC logo (CM-1) or Virtual Museum (CM-2) are available. Please note design and quantity. Mugs are $15 each. Cost does not include shipping and handling.

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