A Collection of References for Review and Download

AB-Connected Bottle Mark
About Sanborn Maps
Taking Aim at A-I-M – A Mystery No Longer
The American Bottle Co., A Study in Contrasts and Contradictions
American Oil
Anchor Mason’s Patent Embossed Bead Seal Jars
Angeline Smelker – Fruit Jar Patents
The Arabia Bottles
Arizona’s Best – Crown-top Soda Bottles
Arizona’s Best – Drugs & Patent Medicines
Arizona’s Best – Part Four
Arizona’s Gallery In Glass: Picture Drug Stores
Armour’s Root Beer
A Tale of Two Machines and a Revolution of Soft Drink Bottling
Aurora – City of the Golden Dawn

Battery Insulators, Oil Insulators & Chloride Accumulators
The Bellavance Dairy
The Bethesda Spring Water Bottle Story
The Distinctive Marks of the Charles Boldt Glass Co.
Alexander W. Brinkerhoff (Patents)
Brooklyn Potteries

Callet Nursing Bottles
ASCO – Capstan Fruit Jars
Capstan Tumblers, Jars and Bottles Used by the American Stores Company
Carling Black Label
Carter’s Ink
Casper Whiskey
Irvin S. Cobb
Collecting American Face Pipes
Collecting Pot Lids – Part I
Collecting Montana Bottles
Collecting Sample Bottles
Collecting Washington-Taylor Flasks
Collecting Western Whiskey Flasks
Colonial Drinks 1640-1860
Colorado Bottles – Wolfe Londoner
Carl Conrad & Co., Olean Glass Works (Co.) and a Man Named O’Hara
Cunningham Family Holdings (Manuf. Marks)

Thaddeus Davids Ink Company
Debunking the Myth of the Side Seam Thermometer
DeSteiger Glass Company
Do You Know “THe Rest of the Story”? – Research
Dr. C. N. Barber Veterinary Remedies
Dr. Jayne’s Root Beer and Alternative
Dr. John T. Claris
Dr. H. Clay Glover – V.S
Dr. Hatchett’s Drug Store
Dr. J. G. Lesure – Veterinary Remedies
Dr. G. W. Shores
Dr. E. J. Smith Veterinary Remedies
Dr. D.G. Weare and the History of the Weare Medicine Company
Dr. E.P. Eastman’s Yellow Dock Bitters
Evansville Glass Company
Evolution of a Ceramic Jug – Henry Stiles

The Elite (from Grand Canyon Glass – Arizona’s Best)

Farmer Distillers of Maryland – Levi Price & Luther King
Another Glass Cap and Jar Inspired by Wm. B. Fenn
Wm. B. Fenn Patented Water Bottle, Made for Perfection
Fair Oaks Fruit Company
Farley’s Ink
More Tableware from FENN
Patents Issued to William Beach Fenn – Part 1 of 2
Patents Issued to William Beach Fenn – Part 2 of 2
FHGW Manufacturing Mark
Frank Hume – Homestead & Old Stag Whiskey
Franklin Glass Works – Portage County, Ohio
Flasks & Tokens, the Connection
Fruit Jars – A History Worth Remembering
Fulper of Flemington

Gary Beverage Company History
George Washington’s Secret
Georgia Mini Jugs
Glass Powder Horns
Ulysses S. Grant – His Whiskey History
The Greenbrier Hotel

Apollos W. Harrison – Ink Bottles
Haskell’s Dairy Operated With A Rhyme For A Reason
Hatchett’s Drugstore and the Evolution of American Pharmacy
Heroin and Aspirin, The Connection & The Collection
HEROIN and ASPIRIN – The Connection & The Collection, Part 2
Higgins Ink
Hire’s Root Beer
Ben Holladay – The Man and His Whiskey
Hollister Soda Works
Hostetters Bitters
Hostetters Variants
Dr. F.K. Hubbard – The Hunt for a Mystery Man
Huntington Pottery
Humphrey’s Veterinary Homeopathic Specifics

IGCo Manufacturing Mark – Illinois Glass Company
Ihmsen Glass Company
Illinois Pacific – IGPCO Manuf. Mark
Ink Patents
Iowa Beer Bottles
Iowa Bitters Bottles (Top 10)
Iowa Blob-top Soda Bottles (Top 10)
Iowa Hutchinson Bottles (Top 10)
Iowa Druggist Bottles (Top 10)
Iowa Medicine Bottles (Top 10)

“Jake Walk Story” – Jamaica Ginger
James Purcell : Colorado Saloon Legacy
Jack Daniel’s Distillery History
John Gibson Sons & Co.

Knox Glass – the Marks Toulouse Missed
Koca Nola
The Real Dope on Koca Nola
KT&K China

Liberty Glass Co. & Lamb Glass Co.
Often a bridesmaid, but never a bride,’ Listerine
Louisville Glass Factories of the 19th Century – Part 1
Louisville Glass Factories of the 19th Century – Part 2
Louisville Glass Factories of the 19th Century – Part 3
Lydia Pinkham – 130 Years Later
John Matthews – Father of the Soda Fountain

Mida’s National Register – the Mida Touch
Montana’s Mining Frontier
Morimoto Soda Works and Rose Bottling Works
Motto Jugs
Metal Shot Glasses
More Connecticut Glass
Mrs. Dinsmore’s Cough & Croup Balsam

Nevada’s Top 25
David Nicholson’s Liquid Bread
Noel’s Cola History
Norris & Rundle Sarsaparilla
North Baltimore Glass Company
Dr. J.N. Norwood, V.S.

Ohio’s Great Black Swamp
Oregon Flasks – Sam Adolphe
Oregon Brewery Mugs
Owens-Illinois Glass Company Bottle Marks

Patent Medicine Sculptures
Patent Medicines – Vermont
Perfection, Another Glass House in a Glass Town
The Peruna Story: Strumming That Old Catarrh
Photographing Glass Bottles
Piazzoli Designs from Capstan Glass
Piso’s Trio: One Step Ahead of the Law
Poland Spring
Pre-Prohibition Shot Glasses – Fakes
Pre-Pro Whiskey Men
Prohibition, Distillers and Brands


Remedies of the Rev. William S. Lunt
The Robinson’s of Zanesville
Russell UHL-Patented Glass Screw Cap

Sacramento Shot Glasses
Saloons & Retail Whiskey Merchants
San Francisco and Pacific Glass Works
Saratogas of the North
Saratoga Springs
Have You Seen A Scalloped Flange Tumbler? Part One of Two
Schlitz Beer
Seltzer Bottles
Shield F – The Federal Glass Co
Shooting Shots Part 1 – Photography
Simplex Embossed and Unembossed Packer Jars
Simplex Screw Cap for Fruit Jars
Smallest Bottle Ever Made on Owens…Machine
Snider’s Dairy – Medford, Oregon
The First American Soda Fountains
S.T. Suit: A Jug Fillers Story
South Carolinas Top 25 Bottles

Tally Ho! – The Whiskey
Beginning Tavern History
Thatcher Glass Mfg. Co.
The Oldest ‘3-IN-ONE-OIL’ Container
Three Rivers Glass Company
Hugo Thuemler: ‘Hausmaler’ in America

Tonawanda Brewing History, New York 1867-1948
George Troug, Maryland Glass Etching Works
Tufts Soda Fountains
Two Corners In Time – Research Example

Utah Liquor Company

Valley Tan Remedies
Vemo Ginger Beer

H. Wagener Brewing Company – Utah
Walker & Eaton – Colorado
Elisha Waters
Western Flasks
Western Saratogas and the Pacific Congress Springs
Whiskey Barrels
Whitall, Tatum & Co.
William Beardsley – Patentee – Iowa
The Wistars – Casper, Richard, Dr. Casper, Henry & Issac
Witch Hazel – Dr. Daniel’s



Zipp Manufacturing Company – Root Beer