03 December 2021: FOHBC Magazine Merger News

The FOHBC is formally announcing the merger of our two hobby magazines Bottles and Extras and Antique Bottle & Glass Collector (AB&GC). The first issue of the new magazine called Antique Bottle & Glass Collector will be a hybrid design and will follow the Bottles and Extras bi-monthly distribution schedule. This will be the March–April 2022 issue. The magazine will remain all color, 72-pages plus covers. A great group of “extras” will be provided to all persons receiving the magazine and who become members of the FOHBC. Read about it here.

03 December 2021: FOHBC Virtual Museum

To the Antique Bottle and Glass World: We had some growing pains and our hosted server holding four websites, unfortunately, went down for the FOHBC Virtual Museum,, Peachridge Glass, and FMG Design. Although we had already implemented several things to improve website performance, including a robust new tool that serves optimized and cached content via a global network to our website visitors, the server is still prone to downtime. This is partially because not all of the files can be optimized and served this way until we move the location of a large number of files to another part of our hosting server. Some of this work is still in progress and we aim to complete it by the end of the year. During Thanksgiving week, our hosting server experienced one of the longest periods of downtime thus far. Because it happened during the holiday, our hosting support failed to respond sooner with a solution. We are now in the process of upgrading to a more powerful server to reduce the chances of dealing with this again.,, and FMG Design came back up this past Monday. The Virtual Museum is a different story when you consider all the mechanics. We have 25,000 plus images so far and 550 specimens or so that spin.

02 December 2021: FOHBC Board Conference Call

A general FOHBC board Zoom call occurred last night. Meeting notes will be published when complete.

13 November 2021: Rare soda bottle stolen from Georgia collector

COLUMBUS, Georgia – What is the absolute worst experience collectors of antique bottles could ever suffer? Just ask Allen Woodall of Columbus. He’ll tell you. When fellow collector Jack Hewitt recently visited Woodall to check out the latter’s museum, Woodall decided to show off one of his glass prizes, a cobalt blue John Ryan from the latter’s Columbus branch with an embossed capital R on the back. So Woodall went to its hiding place in his office and was stunned when the ultra-rare bottle could not be found. Some sticky-fingered gent had preceded him. Woodall reported the theft to the Columbus Police Department and is taking his own steps in hopes of getting the bottle returned. One of those steps is this story about my friend’s great loss. So if one of you readers is offered the bottle, Woodall asks that you contact him at 1 (706) 332-6378. Another of his steps is that he is offering a $1,000 cash reward and will ask no questions if the bottle is returned. By Bill Baab

Update: This story has a very interesting update that is planned for the March April 2022 issue of FOHBC | Antique Bottle & Glass Collector (formerly Bottles and Extras).

11 November 2021: FOHBC Bi-Annual Board Meeting (Zoom Mtg #4)

The fourth FOHBC Zoom call occurred last night. Meeting notes can be found here. (posted 02 December 2021)

27 October 2021: FOHBC Bi-Annual Board Meeting (Zoom Mtg #3)

Since the 2021 Syracuse National was canceled, the FOHBC bi-annual board meeting did not occur. After three or so attempts to have it in August and September, President O’Neill was finally able to schedule the first 1-Hour Overview Call on 29 September. (See Zoom conference notes) The second call occurred on 13 October 2021 and dealt with the proposed Antique Bottle & Glass Collector + Bottles and Extras magazine merger. (See Zoom conference notes) Zoom #3 call occurred on 27 October 2021. See Zoom conference notes

22 October 2021: Bid on an Outstanding Drake’s Plantation Bitters to Benefit the FOHBC Virtual Museum

Bid on an incredible Drake’s Plantation Bitters figural cabin. 100% of proceeds to benefit the FOHBC Virtual Museum of Historical Bottles and Glass. American Glass Gallery, Auction 30 Opens November 8, 2021. See Auction

13 October 2021: FOHBC Bi-Annual Board Meeting (Zoom Mtg #2)

Since the 2021 Syracuse National was canceled, the FOHBC bi-annual board meeting did not occur. After three or so attempts to have it in August and September, President O’Neill was finally able to schedule the first 1-Hour Overview Call on 29 September. The second call occurred on 13 October 2021 and dealt with the proposed Antique Bottle & Glass Collector + Bottles and Extras magazine merger. (See Zoom conference notes)

10 October 2021: FOHBC Club Contests are Back!

After a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, it’s that time again! The FOHBC is sponsoring a contest in five (5) categories and as a member club, you are encouraged to participate. Submissions are due no later than June 1, 2022. Judging will then be conducted and all winners and awards will be announced and presented during the banquet at the FOHBC Reno 2022 Antique Bottle Convention in Reno, Nevada on Friday, July 29, 2022. INFORMATION

30 September 2021: Two articles from FOHBC member Ben Swanson

Renowned medicine ephemera collector Ben Swanson up in Baltimore submits two articles by Michael J. Morrissey for our perusal from The American Revenuer put out by The American Revenue Association. The first is Charles H. & Mary W. Marshall, Patent Medicine Manufacturers of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Read Page 1, Read Page 2. The second is Finds in the Marketplace: Stonebraker RevisitedRead Page 1, Read Page 2.

29 September 2021: FOHBC Bi-Annual Board Meeting (Zoom Mtg #1)

Since the 2021 Syracuse National was canceled, the FOHBC bi-annual board meeting did not occur. After three or so attempts to have it in August and September, President O’Neill was finally able to schedule a 1-Hour Overview Call on 29 September. The second call will occur on 14 October 2021. Look for notes when Secretary Val Berry provides. (See Zoom conference notes)

15 September 2021: FOHBC Virtual Museum Quarterly Call

The FOHBC Virtual Museum Team had a Zoom Conference Call on 15 September 2021 to discuss finances, operations, design, and imaging trips among other things. Read Notes Here.

11 September 2021: Early FOHBC Bottles

Free to a Good Home. I am starting to downsize my collections and I’d like to know if any FOHBC members might be interested in my FOHBC commemorative bottles? I will donate the bottles, but the recipient(s) must pay shipping charges. Some are made by Clevenger, while others by different glassworks. Bottles are from the Iowa Antique Bottleers (among the first clubs to join the FOHBC), the Denver club, the Phoenix, Ariz., club, the First Chicago Club, and others marking celebrations and anniversaries of various individuals (Charles Gardner, Grand Old Man of Bottle Collecting) and historical events with appropriate embossing. Bill Baab

31 August 2021: Digging in Galveston

Thought you might find these shards interesting…dug in a trash pit in Galveston this past Sunday. One from an Argyle Bitters out of New Orleans (thanks Courtney Frioux for the ID!) and the other I believe is part of a Senour’s Calisaya Bitters. I noted your comment in your writeup on the Senour’s back in 2016 “I suspect, someone will eventually dig a bottle in our port cities here in Texas”. I’ll keep trying to find a whole one! Best Regards, Brandon DeWolfe

30 August 2021: Charleston, S.C. collector Vic Svendsen, 69, dead

CHARLESTON, S.C. – James Victor “Vic” Svendsen, 69, of James Island, S.C., died Monday, August 23, 2021, after an extended illness. A native of Charleston, he had a successful career in the food sales industry. He enjoyed digging early Charleston privies for antique bottles. First-time visitors to his home would be given a tour of his vast bottle collection and perhaps an old bottle to keep as a souvenir. Survivors include two daughters, Andrea Hoelscher (Sean) of Myrtle Beach, S.C., and Lindsey Bonham (Dave) of James Island, and a brother, Virgil Svendsen (Barbara) of James Island. Donations may be made in his memory to Ronald McDonald House Charities, 81 Gadsden St., Charleston, SC 29401. See Obituary

20 August 2021: Virtual Museum New England Imaging Trip

The first group of images from Alan and Terry’s New England trip have been formatted by Miguel for the Internet and are in the VM processing and research rooms on the Lower Level. Our first piece placed in a gallery late yesterday is Holman’s Nature’s Grand Restorative. Visit it today in the FOHBC Virtual Museum Medicines Gallery.

17 August 2021: Hot off the Press!

The September 2021 issue of Bottles and Extras ships to FOHBC Members tomorrow! Members can read digital articles now at the Member Portal. To become a FOHBC Member

17 August 2021: Coming Soon – Early Georgia Sodas Book

19th century Georgia soda book to become treasured by collectors By Bill Baab – If there was such a degree as a doctorate in research, David Kyle Rakes would hold it. And, if such a degree in design existed, Ferdinand Meyer V would own it. The degrees may be mystical, but that pair has become a team and from that teamwork has evolved absolutely one of the best books sure to be treasured by collectors of Georgia’s 19th-century soda bottles. “Early Georgia Sodas – the Bottles and Proprietors in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Savannah, and Valdosta,” will become every collector’s “go-to” source of up-to-date historical information on John Ryan, Edward Sheehan, and many other bottlers of the soft drinks called sodas. Rakes, a resident of Belleview in Central Florida, is a master researcher who has traced the history of each bottler from birth to marriage to death. Those backgrounds generally have not been readily known to collectors. Meyer and his wife, Elizabeth, live in Houston, Texas, and are FOHBC Board Members. Complementing the book’s text are enlarged color photos of each soda bottle, many taken by Mike Newman, of Martinez, Georgia, who has become an expert in the proper use of digital cameras. He also is a longtime collector of antique bottles. The book is expected to become available after Jan. 1, 2022, when details as to price and how to order copies will become available. See cover

24 July 2021: Reno 2022 Information Packets

FOHBC Reno 2022 National Antique Bottle Convention Info Package and Contracts online NOW! Click Here

05 July 2021: Baltimore Antique Bottle Show Cancelled

Baltimore Antique Bottle Club. Balto canceled due to 250 max capacity. John Toft: Hello everyone, I wanted to jump in here and help clear up some confusion. I am not only a member of the Baltimore club but a “Past President” and a member of the executive board. The 250 capacity number was the total number…….including dealers. This number was decided by the college where the show takes place. We had no input deciding this number. We have 300 tables. Right there we are over the capacity limit. No public customers even in the calculation. It just was unworkable. We regret anyone that has experienced an inconvenience because of it. We apologize and hope that our great show can return in 2022.

24 June 2021: Pottery skull with a stogie

Incoming picture from John O’Neill and John Shroyer who dug the last three nights in California “John Shroyer and I opened a hole and this popped out.” Pottery skull with a stogie. Shroyer pictured.

15 June 2021: Meyer Report to the FOHBC Board

This report by Ferdinand Meyer V was presented at the FOHBC bi-annual board meeting in March 2021. Read

02 June 2021: 2021 Syracuse National Bottle Show Cancelled

News just in. The FOHBC Board had a conference call earlier this evening and decided to cancel the FOHBC 2021 Syracuse National Bottle Show. Unfortunately, the dark cloud of the Pandemic resulted in less than stellar sales and commitments to attend. Please contact the show chairs with any questions.

11 April 2021: FOHBC Auction Price Report

A conference call occurred where FOHBC president John O’Neil authorized the FOHBC Auction Price Report sub-committee led by Jeff Wichmann to proceed full speed with the online report similar to past Auction Price Guide books put out by D & C Collectors, Jim Mitchell and R. Brown. The FOHBC received a $10k grant to execute this project which should be ready by the 4th quarter of this year. Another reason to join the FOHBC because members will have 24/7/365 access to this monumental effort. Become a member.

21 March 2021: Ferdinand Meyer V new FOHBC Hall of Fame Member

Ferdinand Meyer V was nominated and received the required board member majority votes to be admitted into the FOHBC Hall of Fame for 2021. Read submission in ISSUU

13 March 2021: Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors | Bi-Annual Board of Directors Conference Call – Zoom Minutes

Read the FOHBC Bi-Annual Board of Directors Conference Call Zoom Minutes recorded by FOHBC Secretary Val Berry.

16 January 2021: Meet Fred DeCarlo, the new FOHBC Northeast Region Director

Fred DeCarlo was born and grew up in Utica, New York. He is currently a firefighter/EMT with the City of…. Read

13 January 2021: Call for Historical Information

The FOHBC, led by board member Michael Seeliger, has started a major new initiative to preserve our history. Read

01 January 2021: First Issue of the New Year!

Bottles and Extras, the 72-page + covers, full-color magazine. More about Bottles and Extras.

14 November 2020: Jeff Wichmann Joins the FOHBC Board

FOHBC president John O’Neill appointed Jeff Wichmann to fill a vacant position on the FOHBC board. The board approved on 05 November 2020. Read

13 November 2020: We welcome Michael Seeliger to the FOHBC Board of Directors

Michael Seeliger grew up in Monona, Wisconsin, and still lives within 20 miles of his hometown. He married his wife Alice in 1969 and together they have collected bottles since the 1960s. Read

19 March 2020: FOHBC Virtual Museum Now Open to All!

With COVID-19 canceling many events, bottle shows, and public gatherings and closing the museums that many of us visit, the FOHBC has decided to open our museum doors to all without membership or fees until the end of the summer, when we will re-access. Hopefully, this will help pass the time. Remember, we are Under Construction, so wear a hard hat, enjoy, but don’t touch the bottles, practice social distancing and wash your hands! Visit Museum