Zoom Seminar #11 – Clear & Aqua but Uncommonly Colorful

Clear & Aqua but Uncommonly Colorful

Using Historical Research to bring out the color in every bottle.


Tues. 12 March 2024 7 pm Central

Everyone would like to own rare, valuable bottles in exotic colors, but even the most common, plain bottle can become a treasure when secrets are found that make it beautiful with historical color. Amazing facts about the bottled product and its maker can be found, researched, and even purchased to bring out the story behind the glass.

This seminar is hosted by Andy Rapoza, author of Promising Cures, a 4-volume history on the medicines of Lynn, Massachusetts. The bottles of Lynn are almost exclusively clear or aqua glass, but as his book demonstrates, every fact found makes each medicine maker and their customers come to life and each “plain” bottle transform into a prized possession. This seminar will begin with several examples where research finds have enhanced a bottle’s significance; then some proven bottle research methods will be discussed.

Andy also hosts a new website, promisingcures.com that focuses on discovering the historical richness of even the most common bottles. The seminar will last approximately 45 minutes and will allow for questions afterwards.

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Hi Andy – I just finished listening to your webinar for the FOHBC tonight (3/12). Congratulations on a truly excellent and interesting presentation! I purchased your 4 volume set this past Christmas as a present to myself and spent many hours this winter in front of the fireplace reading and enjoying your scholarly work – truly a tour de force. I mentioned during the Q&A that I’ve been collecting labeled medicines now for almost 40 years and have close to 1500 bottles in my collection. I think I attribute that to being relatively indiscriminate in my early purchases and lacking sufficient money to go after the “big” expensive bottles. Now that I’m retired and have a bit more discretionary income to spend on my collection, I found it reassuring to hear you discuss the interesting histories behind what appear to be just plain/aqua colored bottles and how that added the extra dimension to bring them to life. I was fortunate enough to be interviewed for my collection in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette a few years ago and I’d be happy to email you a copy of the article if you’d be interested. I think we share a number of things in common (Jesuit college experience – me HC and you BC, English majors, and an abiding interest in history). Anyway, so glad I tuned in tonight and had a chance to hear you in person. I hadn’t thought about attending the Houston show, but I’m now rethinking that. Thanks again for the presentation and your wonderful book.” –  Terry Lindblom

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