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20th Century South Jersey Glass, Volume 1 – Clevenger Brothers
438 pages, over 800 photos & illustrations
Thomas C. Haunton

Augusta on Glass
Drops of history from glass and pottery containers used by soda water manufacturers, whiskey distillers, beer brewers, mineral water sellers and patent medicine men in and around Augusta, Georgia.Well illustrated with black and white and color photos. $40 plus $4.50 shipping from Bill Baab, 2352 Devere Street, Augusta, GA 30904-5202

Augusta on Glass
Drops of history from many pharmacists working in Augusta, Georgia from the 1830s through the 1930s. Color and computer-enhanced black and white photos of mostly clear glass pharmacists’ bottles. $12 plus $2.50 shipping from Bill Baab, 2352 Devere Street, Auigusta, GA 30904-5202

American Applied Glass Seal Bottles
Dale L. Murschell, 1996, HC 65 Box 2610, Arnold Stickley Road, Springfield, West Virginia 26763

American Bottles in the Charles B. Gardner Collection
Norman Heckler for Robert W. Skinner Inc., 1975

American Bottles & Flasks, and Their Ancestry
Helen McKearin & Kenneth M. Wilson, 1978

American Breweries II
Dale P. Van Wieren, 1995
Reviewed: Bottles & Extras, December, 1995

American Glass
George S. and Helen McKearin, 1941

American Glass 1760 – 1930
The Toledo Museum of Art
Kenneth M. Wilson, 1996
Reviewed: Bottles & Extras, August, 1996

American Glassware
Edwin Atlee Barber, 1900

American Pressed Glass and Figure Bottles
Albert Christian Revi, 1973

American Sarsaparilla Bottles
John DeGrafft, 1980

American Stoneware Bottles
A History & Study
David Graci, 1995
Reviewed: Bottles & Extras, August, 1996

Anchor Glass Company, A Southwestern Pennsylvania Corporation (2nd printing)
Barry L. Bernas, 239 Ridge Avenue, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325, 717.338.9539
This spiral bound book details the short history of the Anchor Glass Company. Fruit jars were its primary product line. There is no connection between this firm and the Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation. A copy can be obtained from the author by contacting him at the above address.

Antique Fakes and Reproductions
Ruth Webb Lee, 1938

Antique Glass Bottles – Their History and Evolution (1500-1850)
by Willy Van den Bossche, 2001
A Comprehensive Illustrated Guide with a World-wide Bibliography of Glass Bottles and Price Guide.
Publisher: Antique Collectors’ Club, Woodbridge, England.
Book can be obtained from Willy Van den Bossche,

Antique Bottle Auction Price Report
Jim & Lynn Mitchell

Antique Western Bitters Bottles The Best of the West,
The art of collecting Antique Western Bitters Bottles
Jeff Wichmann, 1999

Baltimore Bottle Book
An annotated list of bottles from Baltimore City & County 1820 – 1990
Baltimore Antique Bottle Club, Inc., 1998, 1999, 2002

The Beka & late Bob Mebane Collection, A Collection of Class
Glass Works Auctions, 2002

Bibliography of Glass: From the Earliest Times to the Present
Willy Van den Bossche, 2019

Bitters Bottles
J.H. Thompson, 1947

Bitters Bottles
Richard Watson, 1965

Supplement to Bitters Bottles
Richard Watson, 1968

Bitters Bottles
Carlyn Ring, W.C. Ham, 1980, 1998

Bitters Bottles Supplement
Carlyn Ring, W.C. Ham, 2004

Blaske Collection, The Edmund & Jayne Blaske Collection of American Historical Flasks,
A Premier Unreserved Public Auction, Catalogued by Norman C. Heckler
Robert W. Skinner, Inc. 1983

The Book of Bottle Collecting
Doreen Beck, 1973

The Bottle Book
320 pages, Richard Fike
The Blackburn Press,

The Bottle Collector’s Guide
Geoffrey Wills, 1977

Bottled in Illinois, Embossed Bottles and Bottled Products
of Early Illinois Merchants from Chicago to Cairo, 1840-1880 Kenneth B. Farnsworth and John A. Walthall UPDATE

Bottles From The Deep
Patent Medicines, Bitters & Other Bottles From the Wreck of the Steamship Republic
Ellen C. Gerth, 2006

Bottle Makers and Their Marks
Julian Harrison Toulouse, 1971
The Blackburn Press,

Bottle Pricing Guide
Hugh Cleveland, 1993

Bottles Identification and Price Guide 6th Edition, The ‘Bottle Bible’ is available for all collectors-600 full color photographs and many new chapters. Michael Polak, P.O. Box 30328, Long Beach, California 90853, 562.438.9209,,

Bottles Identification and Price Guide 4th Edition
Michael Polak, 2002

Collecting Applied Color Label Soda Bottles
The Painted Soda Bottle Collector’s Association, Second Edition, 1995
Reviewed: Bottles & Extras, October, 1995

Collecting Applied Color Label Soda Bottles
Third Edition, 2002 PSBCA, Kathy Sathe, 341 Yellowstone Drive, Fletcher, North Carolina 28732

Collecting Character Bottles
Jewel and Arthur L. Umberger, Corker Book Company, Tyler, Texas, 1969

The Collector’s Guide to Civil War Period Bottles & Jars
Mike Russell

The Collector’s Guide to Old Fruit Jars – RED BOOK No. 9
by Douglas M. Leybourne Jr. (2001) The standard for identifying and pricing fruit jars.
Available at some of the web links listed  or directly from Doug, Tele: 616.744.2003.
Costs about $35.

A Collectors Guide – Inks
Alan Blakeman, 1996
Reviewed: Bottles & Extras, August, 1996

A Collector’s Guide to Patent and Proprietary Medicine Bottles
Joseph K. Baldwin, 1973

Collector’s Guide to the Saratoga Type Mineral Water Bottles
Donald Tucker, 1986

A Collector’s Guide To Arizona Bottles & Stoneware
306 pages, Michael Miller

A Collector’s Manual, Fruit Jars
Julian Harrison Toulouse, 1969

Digger Down: The Thrills and Spills of an Antique Bottle Collector, Walter W. Bannon,

Digger Odell’s Official Antique Bottle and Glass Collector Magazine Price Guide

Drink and Be Healed
A History of Farmville Lithia Water, 1994
Robert G. Flippen

Early American Bottles and Flasks
Stephen Van Rensselaer, 1926

Early American Glass
Marshall Davidson, 1946

Early American Glass
Rhea Mansfield Knittle, 1927

Early Glassworks of California A Compilation of Historical Information
Warren B. Friedrich, 2010

Edward Drummond Libbey, American Glassmaker, Quentin R. Skrabec

The Egg With Golden Memories: Cullen’s Egg Bottle, Philo Gideon, P.O. Box 8082, Wilmington, Delaware 19803. Through Historical Illumination, A United States Treasure is Discovered as We Follow the Trail of the Tale. Gideon’s 136-page book. $55

The Encyclopedia of Glass Paperweights
[Paperback] Paul M. Hollister, $24.50

For Bitters Only
Carlyn Ring, 1980

2016 Fruit Jar Annual by Jerry McCannThe all-new reference book is now available for immediate shipment to customers of North American Glass. Softbound, spiral bound with 392 easy-to-read pages, with many jar photographs, drawings and period ads. $60 plus shipping.

Fruit Jars: A Collectors Manual
Julian Harris Toulouse
The Blackburn Press,

Fruit Jar Patents Vol. III 1900-1942
Compiled by Dick Roller, 1996 Published by Phoenix Press, Jerry McCann, 5003 West Berwyn Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60630-1501

Ginger Beer & Root Beer Heritage 1790 to 1930
Donald and Betsy Yates, 2003, 1300 River Corners Road, Homerville, Ohio 44235, Tele: 330.625.1025
Reviewed Bottles & Extras July-August 2011

Glass A to Z
David J. Shotwell, 2002

Glass Gaffers of New Jersey & Their Creations
Adeline Pepper, 1971

Glass Houses of the 1800’s
Scott Tyson

Glasshouses & Glass Manufacturers of the Pittsburgh Region 1795 – 1910
Hardback & Softback, Over 600 company listings, 350 + maps, photos & ads
Jay W. Hawkins

Glass Insulators From Outside North America, Second Revision
Marilyn Albers & N.R. Woodward, 1993

Glassmaking at Jamestown
Jean C. Harrington, 1952

Glass Through The Ages
E. Barrington Haynes, 1959

The Golden Age of English Glass 1650 – 1775
Dwight P. Lammon FSA
Antique Collectors’ Club, Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK, ISBN, 978-1-85149-656-3, May 2011
Reviewed Bottles & Extras July-August 2011

Great American Pontiled Medicines
Frederick Nielson, 1978

A Guide To American Nursing Bottles
by The American Collectors of Infant Feeders
Contact: Sara Jean Binder, 1143  12th Street, Laurel, Maryland 20707-3612, Tele: 301.725.9405

Hair Raising Stories
Don Fadely, 1992, 7970 Telegraph DriveColorado Springs, Colorado 80920

Hawaiian Bottles of Long Ago
Rex E. Elliott & Stephen Gould
Revised Edition 1988, ISBN 0-930492-22-6

If it separates, it’s Perfection,” Sparkling Crystal Separating Glass, Identification and Price Guide
Barry L. Bernas, 239 Ridge Avenue, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325, Tele: 717.338.9539
This short pamphlet facilitates the identification of separating tableware made and sold by the Perfection Glass Company. A price range for each known piece is provided. One or more copies of this booklet can be obtained from the author by contacting him at the above address.

The Illustrated Guide to Collecting Bottles
Cecil Munsey, 1970

Indiana Glass Factories Notes
Compiled by Dick Roller
History notes on the earlier glass factories of 65 Indiana towns,
144 pp., softbound. Published 1994 by Acorn Press,
607 Driskell Street, Paris, Illinois 61944

Ink Bottles & Inkwells
William Covill, 1971

Inks – 150 Years of Bottles and Companies, 2nd Edition
Revised Edition Published 2009, color photos, company info, 300+ pages, $ 90 PP in US
Info or purchase: Ed & Lucy Faulkner, 4718 Kyloe Lane, Moseley, Virginia 23120, Tele: 804.739.2951;

Insulators, A History and Guide to North American Glass Pintype Insulators
Volumes 1 & 2, John & Carol McDougald, 1990

It’s A Bitters! Price Guide
Art and Jewel Umberger, 1967

It’s A Bitters! Price Guide Volume II
Art and Jewel Umberger, 1969

Ketchup, Pickles, Sauces 19th Century Food in Glass, 498 pages of pictures and research of glass containers the early food industry utilized. $25. Betty Zumwalt, 1980, Mark West Publishers P.O. Box 1914 Sandpoint, Idaho 86864

Kansas Bottles 1854 – 1915, This 380-page book is the standard reference for Kansas bottles,
Johnnie Fletcher, 1994

Kovel’s Bottles Price List
Ralph & Terry Kovel, 1996
Reviewed: Bottles & Extras, October, 1996

The Label Space – The Book
by Tom Caniff (1997)
95 articles containing stories of labeled fruit and product jars that appeared in Bottles and Extras magazine from 1992 to 1995. 173 pages with pictures and illustrations. This book can be obtained from Tom Caniff,

Lightning Rod Balls, The Complete Book with Prices
Rod Krupka & Mike Bruner, 1995

Marks of American Potters
Edwin A. Barber
The Blackburn Press,

Meat & Similar Extract Bottles
Anthony Helliwell, 1996

Volume 5, 1995, Reviewed: Bottles & Extras, December, 1995

Millers Antiques on Bottles & Pot Lids
Viva Stowell Phaidon Press, Miller’s Antiques GuideTele: 212.209.1169; Fax: 212.652.5410

Miller’s Paperweights of the 19th & 20th Centuries: A Collector’s Guide
[hardcover] Anne Metcalf, $300.00

Nineteenth Century Glass
Albert Christian Revi, 1968

19th Century Medicine in Glass
Bill & Betty Wilson, 1971
19th Century Hobby & Publishing Co., Box 245, Amador City, California, 95601.
Currently out of print, but in the process of being reprinted.

On the Trail of Stoddard Glass
Anne E. Field, 1975

Packaged In Glass: European Bottles, Their History And Production
Soetens, Johan, hc
Batavlan Lion International, Amsterdam : 2001, 2nd Edition
“A guide book for collectors as well as a storybook of bottles and the men and machines that make them. It describe swine, beer, milk, soft drink bottles, etc. from the earliest examples to the lightweight containers recently produced and also deals with labor and living conditions, social standing and union work. Focuses primarily on Western Europe.”, 60 East Market St. PO Box 16 Corning, New York 14830
Tele: 800.935.8536, Fax: 607.936.2465;

Paperweights: The Collector’s Guide to Identifying, Selecting, and Enjoying New and Vintage Paperweights
[Hardcover], Pat Reilly, $44.77

Perfection Glass Company, One of Many Glass Houses in Washington, Pennsylvania
Barry L. Bernas, 239 Ridge Avenue, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325, Tele: 717.338.9539,
This spiral bound book outlines in detail the history of the Perfection Glass Company. Separating tableware, a packer’s jar and a fruit jar were noteworthy products. A copy can be obtained from the author by contacting him at the above address.

Pittsburgh Glass 1797-1891
Lowell Innes, 1976

Pittsburgh Glasshouses & Glass Manufacturers of the Pittsburgh Region 1795-1910 Over 600 company listings, hundreds of photographs, maps and figures. Arthur signed hardbacks $65, softbound $54 post paid. Jay Hawkins, 1280 Mt. Pleasant Road, West Newton, Pennsylvania 15089, 724.872.6013,

Poison Bottle Workbook
Rudy Kuhn

Primitive Bottles of Canada
(2001) A dedicated, in-depth, cross country search has turned up most (?) of the primitive (stamped, or debossed) stoneware bottles from across Canada. We know we don’t have them all, but this is by far the most comprehensive listing ever produced!

Red Book #11 New 2014 Edition, The Collector’s Guide to Old Fruit Jars. $40, Douglas M. Leybourne Jr., P.O. Box 5417, North Muskegon, Michigan 49445,

Rings & Things
A Collectors Guide to Fruit Jar Boxes
Keri S. Wetzel

The Snake-oil Syndrome
A. Walker Bingham, 1995
Reviewed: Bottles & Extras, July, 1995

So Da Licious!
Collecting Applied Color Label Soda Bottles
David Meinz, 1995
Reviewed: Bottles & Extras, October, 1995

The Standard Fruit Jar Reference 2011, Published by the Fruit Jar Annual/Phoenix Press, the STANDARD FRUIT JAR REFERENCE 2011 may be ordered from Jerry McCann, 5003 West Berwyn Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60630. Email: Phone: 773.777.0443. Regular price is $275, plus $10 shipping.

Stiegel Glass
Frederick W. Hunter, 1950

Texas Glass: An Illustrated History of the Three Rivers Glass Company (1922 – 1937)
Michael Simmons-Smith, 4400 Adelphia Lane,, Austin, Texas 78727,

Transfer Printed Ginger Beers of Canada
(2001) A dedicated, in-depth, cross country search has turned up most (?) of the transfer printed ginger beer bottles from across Canada. We know we don’t have them all, but this is by far the most comprehensive listing ever produced!

Treasures in the Sun, The Key West Bottle Book Over 50 different soda bottles photographed, rarity scale and description. Included are Key West Hutches, Bloptops, Cokes and More! Larry Smith, 122 Rosewood Circle, Jupiter, Florida 33458, $25.00,

Tumblers, Jars and Bottles; A Product Identification Guide for the Capstan Glass Company, South Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Barry L. Bernas, 239 Ridge Avenue, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325, Tele: 717.338.9539
This spiral bound volume describes the history of the Capstan Glass Company. Glass containers for food packer’s use were its sole product line. There is an Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation connection with this firm. A copy can be obtained from the author by contacting him at the above address.

Two Hundred Years of American Blown Glass
Helen and George S. McKearin, 1950

Understanding Antique Wine Bottles
Roger Dumbrell, 1983

Victorian Trade Cards
Historical Reference & Value Guide
Dave Cheadle, 1996
Reviewed: Bottles & Extras, August, 1996

Western Bitters
Bill & Betty Wilson, 1969

Wheeling Glass
Josephine Jefferson, 1947

Whiskey Bottles of the Old West
John L. Thomas, 1969, 1977, 2002