Houston 24 | Bayou City Sunset Auction Info

Auction: Consignment Form

Please make plans to attend the Houston 24 Bayou City Sunset Auction on Saturday evening, 03 August 2024 at Hotel ZaZa (Grapevine and Room with a View – 11th Floor). We are excited to announce that Crowded House Auctions (Martin Van Zant and “Balsam” Bill Granger) are heading up this event for the FOHBC. There will be 100 pieces (+/-) in the auction that will be called live and be listed online for bidding approximately one week before the event.

We are looking for exciting consignment items to parallel the “uniqueness” of Houston 24. Think eclectic and outside the box…i.e., related glass art, ephemera, books, basket of items, minerals, advertising, dinosaur bone, stamps, coins, jewelry, etc. Things that are fun and you may not see elsewhere in all the similar antique bottle and glass auctions. If you ship piece(s) to Elizabeth, the FOHBC will waive the consignment cost which is a great deal saving you money! We can only do this because of our generous HMNS support and underwriting. See Consignment Form. A value of $250 and above for each item is suggested. We will need your item(s) shipped to Houston sooner rather than later so we can photograph, put in the printed catalog and the online catalog. The address is noted on the consignment form.


A few teasers. Look for more items and pictures in coming weeks and eventually a printed and online catalog.


Look for an online Sunset Auction preview of lots in mid July 2024. The Sunset Auction will open online one week before the Houston Expo. Printed Auction catalogs will be available at the live Auction. Credit cards, checks or cash accepted. Shipping available for a fee. Questions, please contact Martin Van Zant.

Brown’s Celebrated Indian Herb Bitters in chocolate glass.

Bottle with Tlinget Weaving

Extremely rare “J.T. Wiggins Gentian Bitters”

Songs Glass Art “Voices in my Head” Sea Glass of Maine, Rick Carney

Sunny Brook Whiskey enameled backbar bottle.

J.F. Cutter Whiskey Reverse Glass Painted Sign, contemporary work from Richard T. Siri

Ponce De Leon Spring Mineral Water St. Augustine Fla. The consignor, David Kyle Rakes will include a signed copy of one of his latest books.

Outstanding bicolor Chinese fluorite crystal group on a finely crystallized contrasting quartz matrix, with each crystal exhibiting perfect form, mirror luster and exquisite phantom zoning. Comes with custom-made display base.

Hostetter’s Reverse Glass Painted Sign, contemporary work from Richard T. Siri

“Johnson & Rice Bottling Works Laredo Texs” From the David Cole collection. This is the actual bottle pictured on Hutchbook. Maybe only known example. Error–Texas spelled Texs.

Royalty Club Whiskey Reverse Painted Sign, contemporary work by Richard T. Siri

Caldwell’s Herb Bitters in a tall triangular form.

Dr. Wonser’s U.S.A. Indian Root Bitters San Francisco Art, contemporary.

Large Case Gin. Ex Rare. Mint, 14″ tall by 5″ wide. Perfectly formed lip and a massive open pontil.

Wm. Radam’s Microbe Killer (error bottle) and H24 Radam’s shirt

Framed advertising: Pearl Lager Beer “The Famous Judge Roy Bean Horse Thief Trial.”

“Underwoods Inks” master ink with label in cobalt blue glass.