Slide Programs

The FOHBC has Slide Presentation Programs (see PDF list below) that are in the process of being converted into digital files. This is a costly process that will take a few years if phased. The first conversion occurred in May 2014 and is noted below. Each program is available for club use.

Digital Program 1: Private Die Tax Stamps of the Civil War Period by Jack Stecher

Originally put together back in 1980 with text update in 2012. The slides of the program (76) and text correspond to Match and Medicine private die stamps of the Civil War period, the 1898-1901 later issues, a touch on the encased postage, and a few slides depicting pharmaceutical philately. Someone familiar with the subject could present the body of work in about 45 minutes, give or take.

[Click to Read 3-Page PDF]

Microsoft Word - FOHBC slide programs.doc