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Vol. 33 No. 1 | January – February 2022 | No. 259    (Mailed 15 December 2021 – Visit Members Portal to Read)

Features: The Perrine’s–”Blue Bloods” in Philadelphia Whiskey Jack Sullivan 24 San Francisco Glasshouse Disaster 30 Hunting Hunt’s Honey Hole Jack Klotz 36 A Privy Murder MysteryHunt’s Honey Hole, The Truth be Told Jack Klotz 45 If You Can’t Do Business…Drink Rex Bitters Ferdinand Meyer V 48 Hilton Head Island Once Boasted of Yankee-Made Soda Waters David Kyle Rakes 56

Vignettes: Book Report: Early Georgia Sodas–The Bottles & Proprietors Bill Baab 13 Provenance Lost Jeff Mihalik 18 

Departments: Table of Contents FOHBC Officers 2021-2022 2 FOHBC President’s Message Shards of Wisdom FOHBC News, From and For Our Members–Elections 6 FOHBC Regional News 9 FOHBC News–The Magazine Merger 10 Virtual Museum News Richard Siri 20 Lost & Found 60 Member Photo Gallery 64 Classified Ads & Ad Rate Info 66 FOHBC Membership Additions & Changes 67 FOHBC Show-Biz–Calendar of Events 68 History’s Corner Jim Bender 70 Membership Benefits, Ad Rates, Donations to the FOHBC 71 Membership Application & Advertising 72