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Bottles and Extras

Vol. 31 No. 6 | November – December 2020 | No. 252

Features: Chasing a Good Bitters Jeff Mahalik 10 Toothpick holders catch bottle collector’s fancy John DeGraff 18 Dorlon & Shaffer Pickled Oysters Ferdinand Meyer V 26 The “Hail Mary” Holtzermann’s “Slim” Wilberger 30 The Rakes from Shooting Creek: Legit liquor dealers, moonshiners David Kyle Rakes 38 The Rise and Fall of the Rattlesnake King Courtney Llewellyn 44 The Curious Career of T. W. Dyott, M.D. Part 1 Q. David Bowers 48 Sample’s Dairy and Ice Cream Shop Cody Wyat 54 Luke Kearney and “Keeping Christmas” Jack Sullivan 58

Vignettes: Shards of Wisdom History’s CornerA brief commentary on the somewhat new Bottle Digging Video craze Jeff Mihalik 16 Virtual Museum News Richard Siri 22 Lincoln Bottle Show 2020 Jake Smith 42 Lost & Found 62 Member Photo Gallery 64

Departments: Table of Contents 1 FOHBC Officer Listing 2020-2021 2 President’s Message 3 FOHBC News, From and For Our Members 6 Classified Ads & Ad Rate Info 66 FOHBC Show-Biz, Show Calendar Listings 68 Membership Directory 70 Membership Application 72