2016 issues of Bottles and Extras

Jan - Feb 2016 Cover

Bottles and Extras

Vol. 27 No. 1 | January – February 2016 | No. 222   (Coming soon!)

Features: Every Bottle Has a Story – The Henry Caner Bottle Jim Bender 14 The Schwartzonian Steve Abbott 16 Sacramento – A place where many came to see a treasure  Steve Abbott 32 The Color Purple or Amethyst in Antique Bottles and Glass (Part 1 of a series on color) Ferdinand Meyer V 38 Digging Under the Slabs Jeff Mihalik 48 How Mary Dowling Outwitted National Prohibition Jack Sullivan 56 ESBCA: The Oldest Consecutive Bottle Club in the United States? Jim Bender 60

Vignettes: Shards of Wisdom History’s Corner 5

Departments: FOHBC Officer Listing 2014-2016 2 President’s Message 3 FOHBC News, From and For Our Members 6 Classified Ads & Ad Rate Info 67 Membership Directory 68 FOHBC Show-Biz, Show Calendar Listings 69 Membership Application 72