Jeff Wichmann joins the FOHBC Board of Directors

FOHBC president John O’Neill appointed Jeff Wichmann to fill a vacant position on the FOHBC board. The board approved on 05 November 2020.

Jeff Wichmann, FOHBC First Vice President, is a California native who has parlayed his vast knowledge of antique bottles and glass into a full time-related business called American Bottle Auctions. His was the first auction house to provide full-color glossy catalogs sent to interested collectors at no charge. He also launched what is believed to be the first online antique bottle auction. In 2013, Jeff was inducted onto the FOHBC Honor Roll, but given his increase in antique bottle collecting-related activities, including financial support of the Federation, the board of directors voted to move him up to the organization’s highest Hall of Fame honor level. Photography of old glass is one of his strong points. He also shares his knowledge on his website In 1999, he published The Best of the West – Antique Western Bitters Bottles, a book containing information of value to collectors of that genre.