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Bottles and Extras, the 72-page + covers, full-color magazine

Bottles and Extras

Vol. 32 No. 1 | January – February 2021 | No. 253    (Mailed 23 December 2020)

Features: The Diary of a Digger Mark C. Wiseman 16 San Diego Soda Works Mike Bryant 20 Shriver’s Baltimore Oyster Ketchup Ferdinand Meyer V 28 The Union Dairy Company Indianapolis Steve Lang 32 J.D. Paige’s Ale Cider and Marv Juel Marv Juel 38 J.D. Paige Bottler of Joliet, Illinois Mark C. Wiseman 42 “Daddy” Garner and the Oldest Saloon in Alabama Jack Sullivan 50 The Curious Career of T.W. Dyott, M.D. Part 2 Q. David Bowers 56

Vignettes: Shield Union Clasped Hands Flasks and Covid-19 Steve Ketchum 10 Nu-Grape “Mae West” Bottle, the true story Mike H. Brown 12 Preserving the Past Jenn Hurley 14

Departments: Table of Contents FOHBC Officer Listing 2020-2021 President’s Message Shards of Wisdom History’s CornerFOHBC News, From and For Our Members 6 Virtual Museum News Richard Siri 22 Lost & Found 62 Member Photo Gallery 64 Classified Ads & Ad Rate Info 66 FOHBC Show-Biz, Show Calendar Listings 68 Membership Directory 71 Membership Application 72