We welcome Michael Seeliger to the FOHBC Board of Directors

Michael Seeliger in front of a section of the Mike and Kathie Craig bottle collection.

Please welcome Michael Seeliger as the new FOHBC Second Vice President

Michael Seeliger grew up in Monona, Wisconsin, and still lives within 20 miles of his hometown. He married his wife Alice in 1969 and together they have collected bottles since the 1960s. They started by collecting ruby red Schlitz beer bottles but soon got hooked on older bottles, especially Warners when Mike came across a dump containing only Warner bottles in it. Mike and Alice wrote the book H. H. Warner His Company & His Bottles in 1974 and work on a continuously updated e-book expanding the original publication. Mike is a professional chemist and chemical/hazardous materials consultant. Although semi-retired, they attend numerous shows traveling in their RV whenever possible. They were instrumental in the founding and development of the South Central Wisconsin Bottle Club in the 1970s and have been members of the Federation since then. They have two sons and five grandkids. Mike collects examples of historical bottles, medicines, figural bitters, Warner bottles, and works passionately with Mike and Kathie Craig in the development of their Warner & Dr. Craig collections.