Spectacular Carters Cathedral Ink Grouping

Carters Cathedral Ink

Carters Cathedral Ink Group - Berry Collection

Jim Berry, FOHBC Secretary, submitted these rather nice pictures of his Carter Cathedral inks with labels and stoppers. The pictures were accompanied with the following information…

Attached are a couple pictures of my Carter Cathedral ink bottles. It has taken me about 25 years or so to put together this collection. I started out one day by buying a deep cobalt quart Carter Cathedral with no label or stopper at a local show some 35 years ago. That was my first Carters ink and first ink. Than as I started going to more and more shows I saw a quart Carter Cathedral with label and stopper in a light cobalt! That started my venture. I sold the quart without label and stopper and started looking for all 4 Carters with label and stoppers. As time went on I did get all four Carter Cathedral in a light cobalt blue. Then one day Norman Heckler had an upcoming auction with a Carter Cathedral in clear!! I started checking around and no one had ever heard or seen a Carter Cathedral one in clear. Well a long story short, I ended up with it for my collection. As of today there has not been another one reported in clear. Then one day in a little local show I picked up the short carters with the chrome label, which I never knew as out there. So now I think I do have a complete collection. And possibly the only complete collection! Thanks Jim Berry

Carters Cathedral Inks

Carters Cathedral Ink Group - Berry Collection

Carter Cathedral Inks

Carter Cathedral Inks - Berry Collection