Irish Ginger Beers & Stone Stouts

Greetings from County Antrim Ireland:

I’m hoping you will allow me to link with your website – Mine (please see the Irish Ginger Beers & Stone Stouts link below) is intended to gather information for a pending book on the same subject. Production has been going on more years than I care to remember, but with the final furlong in sight, I’m trying to glean any available material from American collectors – have Irish stone bottles been dug in the United States/Canada – maybe some American collector can help me with a photograph of the list of bottles named in the ‘Information Needed’ section.

In return, I will acknowledge your help and place a link to your website in mine. Maybe you could make use of some of the attachments. Hope all going well with you,

Kind regards

Neil Cutcliffe

PS.. A list of American websites that might be interested in a link would be greatly appreciated so that I can cast my net over the web as far and wide as possible!