Houston, it seems like there were some Scheduling Issues in Reno…

Sometimes, you just have to poke fun at yourself. Well, the Show Program Table of Contents said our Schedule of Events for the Expo was on Page 8. Unfortunately, it wasn’t on Page 8, or even in the program.

Also, apparently the show times had been revised for the show and the information wasn’t passed along to the web sites. Subsequent, follow-up schedules were questionable as information was missing or contradictory. People were a bit confused, including myself. Sometimes you have to just scratch your head, say you are sorry and that it will not happen again. It won’t, believe me.

I asked my FOHBC friend and member, John Akers to illustrate my thoughts in a cartoon. I think John did quite well! If you look closely, each clock and poster has different times! See more of John’s work: Meet John Akers – A Collector and his Cartoons

Look for a special issue in the next Bottles and Extras on the great Reno Expo.