Three Hutchbook Announcements!


Three major announcements highlighted the July 27, 2012 national meeting of Hutchinson Bottle Collectors’ Association members held in conjunction with the Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors’ Expo 2012 antique bottle and collectible show at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada:

1. Hutchinson Bottle Directory Now Available On-line!

HutchBook Phase II, the Hutchinson Bottle Directory, launches at on August 1, 2012!  A powerful new “Hutchinson Search” engine is the gateway to catalogued information about over 17,000 different Hutchinson bottles.  Detailed data on bottles utilized in over 35 countries, states, territories, and provinces will be accessible initially, with all remaining data scheduled to be added during August, 2012.  Users will also have access to numerous pre-defined, printable lists of Hutchinson bottles from specific countries, states, territories, and provinces, plus lists of bottles in popular collecting categories such as colored and picture Hutchinsons.  The database is continually updated to ensure collectors, archaeologists, historians, and other interested users have access to the most current and accurate Hutchinson information available.  To access these new HutchBook features, click on the “Bottle Directory” link in the left side navigation bar on this page.

The launch of HutchBook Phase II also signals the start of Phase III, the inclusion of all available Hutchinson bottle images.  A small sampling of images will be on-line in August, with thousands more scheduled for posting in months to come.

2. HBCA “Hall of Fame Award” Charter Members Announced!

The Hutchinson Bottle Collectors’ Association’s prestigious “Hall of Fame Award” recognizes individuals whose lasting contributions have encouraged the growth of collecting Hutchinson bottles.  These hobby pioneers are known internationally for their extensive collections, advanced researching skills, encouraging and educating others, and authoring books, magazine, newsletter, and Internet articles.  The enduring contributions of HBCA Hall of Fame Award recipients embody the very spirit of the HBCA’s mission.

The names of the charter recipients of the Hutchinson Bottle Collectors’ Association’s Hall of Fame Award are posted on the Collecting page.

3. HBCA “Honor Roll Award” Charter Members Announced!

The Hutchinson Bottle Collectors’ Association’s prestigious “Honor Roll Award” recognizes individuals whose contributions are encouraging the growth of collectingHutchinson bottles.  Many of these avid collectors are contributing to the hobby’s growing body of knowledge via research and authoring books, magazine, newsletter, and Internet articles.  HBCA Honor Roll Award recipients routinely magnify their enjoyment ofHutchinson collecting by investing considerable time and energy into sharing their expertise with others.

This extensive listing recognizes individuals who are long overdue for public acknowledgement of their major contributions.  The names of the initial HBCA Honor Roll Award recipients are posted on the Collecting page: