Cigar & Tobacco Jar Display at the Reno Expo

D I S P L A Y    S E R I E S

Cigar & Tobacco Jars  Dennis Rogers

(see Video of Dennis and his display)

The FOHBC is proud to present the next in the series of expanded coverage of the wonderful displays at the 2012 FOHBC Reno Expo this past July. There were at least thirty outstanding displays!

These pictures of the Dennis Rogers (Upland, California) Cigar & Tobacco Jar display are credited to Scott Selenak (FOHBC photographer pictured to the left). The video is credited to Alan DeMaison (FOHBC Business Manager)

The early Tobacco jars in the display held smoking and/or chewing tobacco and date from the 1870’s to about 1910. The Cigar jars date from the 1880’s – 1920’s and were designed to hold either 25 or 50 cigars.

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