Quack Pot Lids Display (Australia to Reno)

D I S P L A Y    S E R I E S

Quack Pot Lids  Rex and Joanna Barber

West Australia, Australia

Here is the next in the series of expanded coverage of the wonderful displays at the 2012 FOHBC Reno Expo this past July. With over thirty displays, it was quite worth the price of admission just to see the displays.

These pictures of Quack Pot Lids are credited to Scott Selenak (FOHBC photographer pictured to the left). The video is credited to Alan DeMaison.

Doug Potts (1841 – 1915)

He used all these pots for all different means. A quack cure, an eye ointment and a cold cream. He never died of wounds received as a Bengal Lancer. But from a cure that did not work, one that was for cancer.

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