Jigsaw Puzzle made from a Chicago Dig


Jigsaw Puzzle made from a Chicago Dig

We received this interesting e-mail and pictures from Barry Rustin thru Alan DeMaison (FOHBC Business Manager) regarding a Chicago bottle dig. I contacted Barry with a few questions, and congratulated him on the dig and his fantastic pictures. Barry said his first quantity of puzzles have already been sold. He said he will produce a few more and send a photograph of the puzzle in a box that I requested. What a great idea and Christmas gift!

All Images: Barry Rustin Photography

Dear Alan:

Attached per our recent conversation are a few of the bottle shots recently taken after my dig from a Chicago area dump site. This garbage dump from the early 1900s had been built upon in approximately the late 1940s. The industrial building on that property recently was demolished.

The bottles came to my attention when a truck dumping fill dirt from that site was filling a hole across from my neighborhood Starbucks. After much coaxing, the truck driver finally divulged the location of the site.

In addition to bottles, a number of ceramic and metal objects of interest were also found. I have produced a jigsaw puzzle of FILE #1464 (first image below) and would like to offer them to your subscribers as an unusual gift idea. I think it makes for a challenging puzzle.

Let me know if you have any interest in either these photos or the story itself as a potential feature. Thank you for your time and interest.

Best wishes, Barry

Jigsaw1 Jigsaw2 Jigsaw3