Looking at some of the many Finch Target Balls


Looking at some of the many Finch Target Balls

22 November 2013

Ferdinand Meyer, John Pastor, Ralph Finch looking at target balls

Yesterday, John Pastor and I were able to visit with Federation members and glass celebrities Ralph and Janet Finch (pictured above) in Farmington Hills, Michigan. After a nice lunch, some wine and catching up on hobby news, I was able to look at Ralph’s legendary antique glass target ball collection. What a treat!


I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that Janet had once been a collector of target balls too. The ornate glass balls, painted targets, shooting traps and relating advertising were all displayed professionally and in a museum-like setting. Quite amazing. I thought I would share a few of my pictures. Their house is organized collector chaos. Your eyes do not know where to start, there are some many cool things to look at.

Ralph also publishes a rather nice magazine on target balls called On Target! (The International Journal for Collectors of Target Balls). You can get the information on his web site.

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