Battle of Chattanooga News

Battle of Chattanooga News


The “Battle of Chattanooga” bottle competition will be held at the Marriott on Friday, July 31st after the banquet in Plaza Room C. There will be three categories. Each category will have three judges. The categories are:

  1. Colored Sodas
  2. Sauces (peppersauce, ketchup, durkees, oyster, etc.)
  3. Best Bottle South of the Mason Dixon Line

Security will be provided.

For additional information contact: Mike Newman, phone: 706.829.8060, e-mail:


Chip Cable filming one of the Scroll Flast entrants at last years “Run for theRoses” bottle competition event at the 2014 Lexington National.

We will again be video taping the bottles via broadcast camera, projected on to a 144” screen using an Optima EH501 projector. All bottles will be illuminated by 3 LED Video lights with a white background.” We thank Pennsylvania collector, Chip Cable for stepping up and volunteering to help us out in this area!


Colored Sodas


Sauces (peppersauce, ketchup, durkees, oyster, etc.)


Best Bottle South of the Mason Dixon Line