TeaKettle Ink Price and Reference Guide

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TeaKettle Ink Price and Reference Guide

by Joe L. Mathews Jr. – 2016

26 July 2016

Apple-Touch-IconAAs noted within my Houston Antique Bottle Show report yesterday, I said I would be reporting on a new book by Joe Mathews called TeaKettle Ink Price and Reference Guide. Joe presented me with an advance copy draft and stated that he will be printing and binding 100 initially. The book is all color and printed on glossy paper, 60 pages.

“I have already pre-sold 20 copies to the UK and France collectors, 10 copies to Australia and New Zealand collectors and 8 to the United States collectors before any real advertising. It appears there will be a demand for more than 50 copies so I am now going to limit it to 100 copies.” – Joe


Alicia Booth (left) Paulette Mathews and Joe Mathews. Alicia has the new book open in her hand.

The book will be published in a soft and hard bound format and contains information about the author, acknowledgments and sections on Teakettle Ink History, New Fountain Inkstands, Tealkettle Ink Rarity, Teakettle Ink Molds and Identification Numbers, Color, Neck Rings and Caps and great photo/description sections on Barrels, Beehives, Concave Panels, Cut Glass, Embossed Flowers, Fancy, Figural, Flat Panels, Freeblown, Imari/Ku Tani Japan, Pen Rests, Porcelain/Pottery, Unique/Unusual and Uranium Glass teakettles. There are also nice group photographs from collections.

For copies of this book contact: Joe Mathews, joe@mathewsgroup.org