FOHBC 2016 Sacramento National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo | The FOHBC Banquet


FOHBC 2016 Sacramento National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo | The FOHBC Banquet

Cocktail Hour | Lions Gate Hotel Patio, Friday, August 5th, 5:30 – 6:30 pm

The FOHBC Banquet | Lions Gate Hotel Club Ballroom, Friday, August 5th, 6:30 – 8:30 pm


Isabella Alucema assisting with seating announcements.

A cocktail hour will be held on Friday evening, August 5th from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm, prior to the FOHBC Banquet, at the Lions Gate Hotel Patio. A cash bar will be available for sodas and/or alcoholic beverages. Come rub elbows with your bottle collecting friends.

The FOHBC Banquet will be held on Friday evening, August 5th from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Lions Gate Hotel Club Ballroom. A cash bar will be available for sodas and/or alcoholic beverages. The cost of the banquet will be $35 per person. Reservations will be available on a first come basis. Betty Zumwalt, renowned antique bottle and glass authority and author, FOHBC 2008 Hall of Fame inductee, will be the guest speaker. Awards will be presented to the FOHBC club competition winners who have earned special recognition in the past year for club newsletters, show posters and flyers, article writing and club web site. FOHBC Hall of Fame and Honor Roll awards will be announced. There will be a special prize drawing for a $100 gift certificate to be spent at the show. You do not have to be an FOHBC member to attend.

All photographs are by our official show photographer, Angelina (Gina) Pellegrini unless otherwise noted.


A famous historical San Francisco trolley video was project on screen during seating. Watch: Amazing Film Clip of Cable Car In San Francisco In 1906

Day 2 | Friday

The FOHBC Banquet traditionally follows the Educational Seminars and Early Admission on Friday, the official first day of the bottle show. This year the FOHBC Membership Meeting Breakfast occurred earlier in the day. The FOHBC Banquet or “Awards Banquet” as it is sometimes called, is a more formal event where reservations are required with meal choices made in advance. The banquet usually occurs in the host hotel ballroom as it did this year and it was preceded by a cocktail hour to start things off.


Cocktails before the banquet. Left to right: Kathy Taylor, Jerry Forbes, Bill Taylor & Alicia Booth.


Award plaques laid out in order in preparation for the awards portion of the banquet. Pictured: Alicia Booth (left) and Val Berry (right).


Special “Golden Shovel” awards.


Table centerpieces.

This year we had 115 or so reservations and ended up with close to 150 guests as many last minute tickets were sold during the day and at the door. Let’s allow the pictures to tell the story as they are in sequential order. The FOHBC Banquet Master of Ceremonies was Ferdinand Meyer V, Federation President and his granddaughter, Isabella Alucema. Alicia Booth, Federation Public Relations Director, assisted in handing out the awards. Award coordination was by Val Berry, FOHBC Merchandise Director and Elizabeth Meyer, FOHBC Business Manager. Shovel awards and table centerpieces by Alicia Booth

Read about Day 1 events: FOHBC Board meeting, American Bottle Auctions Open House, Early Registration, Generals House VIP Reception and the Sacramento Shootout.

T H E   B A N Q U E T 


Seating after the cocktail hour. Pictured left to right: Alice Seeliger, Mike Craig, Michael Seeliger, Kathie Craig, Bill and Katherine Mitchell.


Tables of ten set for banquet guests.


Salad first with a choice of chicken, pasta or pork.


Chocolate cake and coffee followed the meal.



Beverley & Richard Siri, FOHBC 2016 Sacramento National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo Chairs


John and Wanda Joiner from Newnan, Georgia. John was the Co-Chair for the FOHBC 2015 Chattanooga National Antique Bottle Show


Larry & Eileen Westfall




Betty Zumwalt (seated center) with her daughter Christi Ferrigno standing with Rick Anyan. Kitty Umbraco on right (seated).


Jeff Wichmann, FOHBC Hall of Fame recipient, his wife Lynne and his son Tyler.


Don & June Grover




Andrew & Lynn Koutsoukos feeding their child (future bottle collector).


Russell Umbraco gets a call out for organizing the fantastic educational displays.



Federation President, Ferdinand Meyer V takes the stage after the dinner.


The nights program projected on screen for all to see.

See Banquet Program



Betty high fives as she receives many accolades.


Betty gets a hug from Ferdinand as she arrives on stage.


Betty at the podium.


Betty captivates the audience as she talks about the history of the FOHBC.



Jeff Wichmann accepts his Hall of Fame plaque.


Jeff Wichmann FOHBC Hall of Fame book.


Jeff Wichmann at the podium.


Jeff Wichmann amuses the audience with his Hall of Fame acceptance talk.


John Joiner accepts the FOHBC Honor Roll award for the late Tommy Mitchiner.



Club award plaques aligned neatly on the stage table.


Mike Bryant from the San Diego Antique Bottle & Collectibles Club wraps up with four awards. This mass accumulation of awards happens each year. Congratulations Mike! Mike won awards for Best Original Fiction Story, 1st Place: Ask Aunt Blabby – Pumpkin Seed Bottles, Author: Mike Bryant, San Diego Antique Bottle & Collectibles Club published in “The Bottleneck” , 2nd Place: Ask Aunt Blabby – Bitters, Author: Mike Bryant, San Diego Antique Bottle & Collectibles Club, Published in “The Bottleneck”, Club Newsletter Contest, 1st Place: San Diego Antique Bottle & Collectibles Club “The Bottleneck” Editor: Mike Bryant and Club Show Flyer | Poster Contest, 3rd Place: San Diego Antique Bottle and Collectibles Club, San Diego, California, Designer: Mike Bryant


Federation Historian, Jim Bender, accepts the 1st Place Best Original True Story award plaque for Making Light of the Great Jack Pelletier Collection, Author: Jim Bender, Mohawk Valley Antique Bottle Club.


Louis Fifer (FOHBC Conventions Director) was called up on stage a couple of times as he accepted award plaques for the Ohio Bottle Club such as 1st Place Web Site: Ohio Bottle Club,, Webmaster: Alan Demaison and Best Original True Story, 2nd Place: Does Stoneware Have Legs? Authors: Alan DeMaison and Adam Koch, Ohio Bottle Club.


Lillie Gold representing the International Perfume Bottle Association called up on stage twice for Best Original Research/Information Article 1st Place: Maker’s Mark “SM,” The Scent Bottles of Sampson Mordan Author: Richard Hoppe, International Perfume Bottle Association and 3rd Place: The Novelty of It All: Perfume Bottles as Christmas Ornaments Authors: Susan Arthur, Michael Rhoads and Helen Farnsworth, International Perfume Bottle Association.



Ferdinand Meyer V presents John Joiner with the Presidents Award. “As president of the FOHBC, it gives me great pleasure to award my personal highest degree of honor to a person that I admire for his personality, work ethic and love for the hobby. John Joiner from Newnan, Georgia stepped in with Jack Hewitt to be the Show Chair for last years FOHBC 2015 Chattanooga National Antique Bottle Show which by all accounts was a grand success. Choo-Choo to Chattanooga was our theme and John was certainlly the engineer and conductor behind this show that will be remembered for many years to come.”


Golden Shovel Awards. FOHBC Sacramento National Executive Committee. Left to right: Beverley Siri, Sacramento National Co-Chair, Richard Siri, Sacramento National Co-Chair, Warren Friedrich and Eric McGuire, FOHBC Western Region Director.


Special competition for seeing who had been to the most consecutive FOHBC National shows, conventions and expos. Brenda Baugh holds her husbands arm up the entire time as Sheldon Baugh, FOHBC First Vice President, eventually won.


The table centerpieces and chocolate gold coins were awarded to one banquet table sitter each whose chair was marked.



Coco watches on stage as her meal is delivered.