Saratoga Bottle Collectors Society Members

Saratoga Bottle Collectors Society Members

Attached you will find the Fall issue of The Spouter (number 103) Read Issue. I hope you can all open the attachment. If not, contact me and I will try again or just mail you a hard copy. I try to email as many as possible in order to keep costs down. If you find something I have printed is in error, let me know. If you have discovered a rare bottle or a newly discovered mold of an existing bottle, let me know. I am always looking for articles, old advertisements, photos, stereo views, old articles from other sources, basically anything to do with “Saratogas” that might be of interest to the rest of the club.

Also, please read over page 2 carefully, especially the red highlighted part. We need to have a meeting and we need a couple people to step up and be officers. I’m definitely in, but we need a few more people to help keep this going. I have talked to Gary at the National Bottle Museum and they will work with us to let us use the upstairs on Saturday, October 28th for a lunch meeting. I will send another email in October with more details and looking for RSVP’s and nominations for officers. This could be really fun as we could have a Saratoga “show & tell” and maybe a “Spout off” of a certain category of Saratoga bottles. Then if time and weather permitted, we could check out some Spring sites.

This club will not take a lot of work if a few people will participate. We could have two meetings a year. It was always nice to do the Saturday before the Ballston Spa Show and the Fall meeting could be anywhere the club would decide. You just need a place with a few tables like a firehouse or Legion hall that would hold a small group for a couple hours and maybe somewhere close by to get some food. Other than that, we hold a meeting, have fun, maybe go explore a nearby spring and go home. The most time consuming part is the newsletter and I’m willing to tackle that for a while! How far it goes past that is up to you guys.

Think about it and email, text or call me with any thoughts or comments. Hope you enjoy this issue!! I’ll be in touch!! And don’t forget to send me all your Sharon Springs & Richfield Springs bottles, they need to come home! LOL

Jeff Ullman
Warnerville, New York