Photos from Bottle Shows Long Ago

Photo 1: Leigh Beardsley, Mary Beardsley, and Bradley Beardsley–1977 Lancaster, PA show. Bicentennial theme…great outfits!

Photos from Bottle Shows Long Ago – Mike Beardsley

Hello friends, I went through some old photo albums and came up with a few photos from bottle shows 40+ years ago. I wish two things…that we had taken alot more pictures and that the quality of the photos we took was much better! Ralph (Finch) may be able to identify more people in the Rochester, NY banquet photo (#3). I identified some of the diners.

Photo 2A: Very early Rochester. NY show photo—likely 1969 or 1970 (Leigh Beardsley).

Photo 2B: Very early Rochester, NY show photo—likely 1969 or 1970. That’s me in the photo looking very studious (nerdy might be more like it).

Photo 3A: Mary Beardsley with Blue Ribbon for her Baking Powder display.

Photo 3B: Rochester banquet, from rear left Dick VanderLaan, Leigh Beardsley, Burt Spiller, then ???, from rear right Phyllis VanderLaan, Jerry McCann, then ??

Photo 4A: Early photo from York, PA show (my personal favorite back in the day). This may be the only photo of dad and me together at the table.

Photo 4B: Early photo from York, PA show (my personal favorite back in the day). I was usually out “picking” while dad (Leigh) was selling. That was a lot fewer pounds, and a lot more hair ago (smiles).

Photo 5: Great shot of my parents, Mary & Leigh Beardsley. I think this may have been taken at the old ESBCA Syracuse show at the NYS Fairgrounds.

Lots of great memories…as I said, wish I’d taken photos at Laconia; Portland, ME; Sidney, NY; Buffalo; Rochester, NH; etc.

Sure had a blast cruising to shows in my 1970 Boss 302 Mustang…not super comfortable for long trips and the jar inventory space was limited but it sure was fast. All paid for by canning jars…those were the days.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Mike Beardsley,
Chittenango, New York

Editor Note: Make sure you read Jarring Discoveries, The Fruitful Early Days of Collecting by Mike Beardsley in the July–August 2023 issue of Antique Bottle & Glass Collector.