Jim Bender and his Union Clasping Hands flasks


Jim Bender and his Union Clasping Hands flasks


"I took a few photos this morning of some of my Union Clasping Hands flasks and thought I would pass a few on.

Jim Bender

(FOHBC Membership Director)

These type of flasks were made in quart, pint, and half-pint sizes. As these flasks date from the later end of the figured flask era (primarily 1860s), they are infrequently pontil scarred, and when pontiled they are usually an iron pontil. Finishes on these bottles vary substantially from sheared and/or cracked-off and fire polished, to champagne style, to an oil type finish like the pictured bottle. Most of the shield & clasped hands flasks are included within Group XII in McKearin & Wilson (1978), though a few are in Group IV.


Union Bottles FEB 2014 004

Union Bottles FEB 2014 006

Union Bottles FEB 2014 002

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