2015 Chattanooga National – Virtual Museum Table


2015 Chattanooga National Antique Bottle Show

The FOHBC Virtual Museum Table

*All Photographs by Mallory Boyle


Positioned in a prominent position within the Chattanooga Convention Center Hall A was the FOHBC Virtual Museum table. You could not miss this area with the large Virtual Museum logo banner calling for your attention. You could also not miss Alan and Elaine DeMaison from Painesville, Ohio who staffed the table the entire weekend. Alan is on the Board of Directors. They both introduced our excellent new Virtual Museum video produced by Federation member Steven Libbey from Delafield, Wisconsin, fielded questions and solicited donations. Alan reports that Virtual Museum donations during the show totaled $2,670 not including a bottle valued at $10 to $15 for a future auction. Alan adds, “The success of the table out-did my best estimate.” Existing and new donors were also given a pin which many wore proudly during the event to show their support.

“The success of the table out-did my best estimate.”

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Virtual Museum Promo Video

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