Top Saratoga “Wanted” List Update


Top Saratoga “Wanted” List Update

27 August 2015

[Special from Peachridge Glass]

Apple-Touch-IconAA couple of weeks before the FOHBC 2015 Chattanooga National, I received a simple e-mail from Neil Moore from Milford, Delaware that is represented below.

Good morning,

I read your comments regarding the “Union Spring” that recently sold at auction for 6K and your thoughts about the original Saratoga “Wanted” List. Attached find Bernie Puckhaber’s Saratoga “Wanted” list dated 1973, and my “preferred” list for 2015. Enjoy and see you in Chattanooga.

Neil A. Moore

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Neil brought these great bottles to Chattanooga and I carved out a space on my table for him to display. Quite an impressive group of mineral water bottles.


Top 3 Saratoga Bottles, Sans Souci Spring (aqua), Saratoga Seltzer Spring (olive-green) and Aetna Spring (aqua).

Ten Most Wanted Saratogas

Bernie Puckhaber – 1973

All pints

1. Aetna Spring (aqua)
2. Glacier Spring (emerald green)
3. Hyperion Spring (aqua)
4. Paradise Spring (olive-green)
5. Round Lake Spring (amber)
6. Sans Souci Spring (aqua)
7. Saratoga Seltzer Spring (olive green)
8. Triton Spring (aqua)
9. Union Spring (emerald-green)
10.Washington Spring (Bust of Washington) (emerald-green)

Ten Most Wanted Saratogas

Neil A. Moore – 2015

All pints

1. Sans Souci Spring (aqua)
2. Saratoga Seltzer Spring (emerald-green)
3. Aetna Spring (aqua)
4. Paradise Spring (olive-green)
5. Hyperion Spring (aqua)
6. Round Lake Spring (amber)
7. Glacier Spring (aqua)
8. Union Spring (emerald-green)
9. Triton Spring (aqua)
10. Washington Spring (Bust of Washington) (aqua)


Neil A. Moore proudly sitting with his Top 10 Saratoga mineral water bottles.


Ten Most Wanted Saratogas, Neil A. Moore – 2015 Price List


Detail of Aetna Spring, Paradise Spring and Hyperion Spring Saratogas.


#3: Aetna Springs mineral water, Saratoga, N.Y.


#7: Glacier Spring mineral water (front), Saratoga, N.Y.


#7: Glacier Spring mineral water (reverse), Saratoga, N.Y.


#4: Paradise Spring mineral water, Saratoga, N.Y.

Saratoga_Hyperion Spring

#5: Hyperion Spring mineral water, Saratoga, N.Y.


#6: Round Lake mineral water, Saratoga, N.Y.


#1: Sans Souci Spring mineral water in aqua, Balston Spa, N.Y.


#2: Saratoga Seltzer Spring mineral water, Saratoga, N.Y.


#2: Saratoga Seltzer Spring mineral water (back side with S S S calligraphy), Saratoga, N.Y.


#8: Union Spring mineral water in emerald green.


#10: Washington Spring (Bust of Washington) mineral water in aqua. Triton Springs (#9) beyond.