Todd & HGTV

Todd & HGTV

[Reprinted from the Ohio Bottle Club]


One of our very own club members was filmed for an upcoming HGTV special on “The Revolutionary War On The Tuscarawas – Fort Laurens Encampment”.


ToddKnisleyTodd Knisley (pictured to left) joined OBC members at the Hartville Flea Market on Saturday, July 9th to participate in the club membership drive. He stayed until a little after noon and then packed up to join the 8th Pennsylvania Regiment which is part of the Brigade of the American Revolution, in Bolivar. The 8th Pennsylvania is a group of American Revolutionary War reenactors who meet to give impressions of 18th century military life. Todd was invited to participate in a reenactment at Fort Laurens in Bolivar, Ohio. Todd was honored as being the only non-regimental member invited to be in attendance at the two-day event. As seen in the photos, Todd took Revolution era bottles that spanned from the French & Indian War, the American Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812, to not only show what items of the reenactment period would have looked like, but to show the transition before and after the period.

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