The Baltimore Antique Bottle Clubs 37th Annual Show and Sale

The crowd was waiting on Sunday morning.

The Baltimore Antique Bottle Clubs 37th Annual Show and Sale

19 March 2017

Last weekend I made the annual trip to Baltimore for their antique bottle clubs 37th Annual Show and Sale. Visit Club Site. This is always one of my favorite shows not just for the show, but it is also the first of two semiannual FOHBC board meetings. The second will be held in Springfield in August at the FOHBC 2017 Springfield National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo.

The FOHBC supports all shows no matter how big or small. Most shows are strong supporters of the FOHBC as well. This year, Linda and I could not get down a day early as my job required me to be there on Thursday so we made a Friday trip which worked out well other than setting in a traffic jam for over an hour due to an eight-car accident which caused a loss of life. It makes you realize how unimportant sitting in traffic is when you realize someone else is not coming home that night.

Saturday morning’s board meeting was well attended by board members from all over the country and from both coasts. We got a lot done and I am getting more and more ready for Springfield. We have crossed the 100-dealer level and close to 200 tables already. We are well on our way to a super show with contracts coming in almost daily.

We also had some great reports on FOHBC 2018 Cleveland National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo and possible spots for the 2019 FOHBC 50th Anniversary National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo. Louis Fifer is the FOHBC conventions director and he is doing a fantastic job. He is well organized and has spent a lot of time working on these shows. Give him a high five when you see him.

We set up both our sales and FOHBC tables on Saturday night. I must confess, I do more walking around and talking than anything. My co-chairman Bob Strickhart was also there handing out Springfield National contracts. The wind was blowing outside and it was cold. With the doors open even the showroom felt cool and many dealers were chilly. That’s winter, folks. Coming from upstate New York I was fine.

As always there was a full house of tables. I have noticed that even the super shows like Baltimore are getting a few more table top collectables than in the past. This is fine by me. I collect everything, just ask Linda. There always was a line waiting Sunday morning at the door. I did not hear the announcement this year that 1,000 people had come through the door. It seemed a bit slower in the afternoon than in the past. Still it was busy all day. There were a few great displays as always.

Baltimore is still the largest one-day show in the country and always worth a trip. I have included some photos.

Jim Bender, FOHBC Historian,
2017 Springfield National Co-Chairman

Winning poison bottle display by Vern Huffstetler.

Great Hemingray bird dish display. Very interesting for sure.

Beautiful stoneware display by Bill Thomas.

As always, the FOHBC table looked great. Elizabeth Meyer, Val Berry and Alicia Booth.

Ferdinand Meyer and Alan DeMaison visiting about the Virtual Museum project.

Here are some interesting glassware pieces for sale.

Dana Charlton-Zarro visits with Michael George who is heading up the seminars at Springfield.

Dave Watson looks over his sales table.

Here are some interesting drug store pieces for sale.

I spotted this Union clasped hands historical flask. At one time, it was mine. It took over 20 years to find this GX11-20 mold. It only comes in amber as far as I know. It will be many years before another comes up for sale.

Bob Strickhart with Hall of Famer Ralph Finch.

Maureen Crawford looks at a bottle. Maureen was a co-chair for the great FOHBC 2013 Manchester National Show.

A very nice display of great fruit jars for sale.

I spotted this labeled ABM Drakes type bottle with a label. I found it very interesting.

Always happy to see good friend Dave Olson at the shows.

Past FOHBC Wilmington National show chairs Jamie Houdeshell and Joe Hardin.

Jim Berry and Linda Sheppard watch over the sales table.

Digger Dave had an arm load.

I spotted this little guy checking out the boxes the bottles under the table. Here is the future folks.

Louis Fifer and Matt Lacy. Two of the youngest FOHBC board members and show Co-Chairs for the FOHBC 2018 Cleveland National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo.

I had to include this great Bininger’s Urn bottle. I am still working on my Biningers book and this great piece of American Glass is one reason why. Just beautiful!

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