Loss of our friend … Bob Ferraro

Loss of our friend … Bob Ferraro

It is with great sadness that we hear of the passing of Bob Ferraro in Boulder City, Nevada. Bob was many things including a great bottle collector, politician, business man, human being and most important, a friend to many and an inspiration.

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FOHBC Hall of Fame: 2002 – Bob Ferraro

President of the Federation from 1977-79, he has been a collector since the mid-1950s. He built outstanding collections of figural bitters, eastern whiskeys and Nevada bottles. He co-authored (with first wife Pat) The Past in Glass (1963) and A Bottle Collector’s Book (1964). He continues to serve the Federation (first vice president 2008-14) and director-at-large (2015).

FOHBC President: Bob Ferraro, 1977 – 1978, Boulder City, Nevada

Bob was chairman of the Federation’s Western Region from 1973-75 before becoming FOHBC president. He was president of the Southern Nevada Antique Bottle Collectors Club from 1971-73. One of his primary goals while serving the national organization was to increase membership by proposing to change the name of the organization from Federation of Historical Bottle Clubs to Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors. “During my term in office, the Federation decided to hold a national show in a different region each year and to have an exposition every four years in a different region. We were attempting to model the expositions after the first national show held in St. Louis in 1976. I believe we have met this objective. I have met and worked with many bottle collectors from all four regions within our country. This has been a pleasing and satisfying experience. Bottle collectors are great people!” He was inducted into the FOHBC Hall of Fame in 2002.