Union Clasped Hands Historical Flasks

Jim Bender, FOHBC member, sent us the following email and picture for post:

Hi Ferdinand,

I see your site could use a few Union bottles. I have collected them for 20 years now and have all the molds but four. Sorry none of these are the mega buck bottles everybody loves. I still like them for there Historical value. The bottles in the photo are Quart cornflower blue GX11-37, yellow pint GX11-40, Quart unlisted light sapphire blue, lime green half pint GX11-29 (only green one known) and half pint GX11-42 in clear (I only know of 3 total). I have 70 plus Union bottles in my collection. I would love to buy a half pint with a cannon on it in amber. Great web site just got on last night for the first time.

Jim Bender

[FOHBC] Jim: Thanks for the email. Wow, 70 Union Clasped Hands in your collection. What an accomplishment. Any more pictures? Please keep us in touch with your pursuit and good luck!

Union Clasped Hands Historical Flasks

Union Clasped Hands Historical Flasks - Bender Collection