2013 FOHBC Semi-Annual Board Meeting – Manchester, NH


The semi-annual FOHBC Board Meeting kicks off at the 2013 National Antique Bottle Show in Manchester, New Hampshire on Friday morning from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon.

2013 FOHBC Semi-Annual Board Meeting 

Manchester, New Hampshire

19 July 2014 – Manchester

For four straight hours, the FOHBC 2012-2014 term elected board members met to have their semi-annual board meeting. The other annual meeting was held earlier in the year (03 March 2013) prior to the Baltimore Antique Bottle Show. All board members were present with the exception of Martin Van-Zant (Bottles and Extras Editor), Jack Hewitt, Southern Region Director (arriving to show late due to family emergency), Jamie Houdeshell, 2nd Vice President (family emergency), Ed Kuskie (Northeast Region Director) and John Panek (Director at Large).

The time went by fast with only about 60% of the agenda being covered. The balance will be covered during the next monthly board conference call. All FOHBC meeting notes are posted for review at FOHBC Notes of Record.

Microsoft Word - FOHBC_Manchester2013Agenda.doc

See Meeting Agenda

We can assure you, some major new inroads were made during this meeting. Look forward to upcoming announcements.

Note: All photographs are by Scott Selenak, official FOHBC Manchester show photographer. Scott flew in from Los Angeles, California.


FOHBC President, Ferdinand Meyer V (Houston, Texas) listens to various reports and comments.


Manchester meeting agenda and brand new 2014 National Antique Bottle Show contracts being passed around for Lexington, Kentucky.


Manchester co-chairs Michael George and Maureen Crawford were invited to give a last minute show preparation report.


2013 National Antique Bottle Show programs being passed around and reviewed. Michael George led this project with outstanding results.


Bob Ferraro, FOHBC 1st Vice President, and Alan DeMaison, FOHBC Business Manager. Bob is from Boulder City, Nevada while Alan is from Painesville, Ohio.


Alan DeMaison, FOHBC Business Manager, giving FOHBC business and operational report. Alan notes an all-time membership high.


Bob Ferraro, 1st Vice President, listens on to Alan DeMaison.


Tom Phillips, FOHBC Conventions Director. Tom has led the effort for the 2013 Manchester show. Tom also set up the upcoming 2014, Lexington, Kentucky and 2015, Chattanooga, Tennessee National Shows. Tom resides in Memphis, Tennessee.


Dave Maryo (Western Region Director) comments on a more direct relationship with FOHBC clubs. Dave is the Los Angeles Antique Bottle Club president.


Hall of Famer and bottle legend, Dick Watson (FOHBC Historian). Dick resides in Medford, New Jersey.


Gary Beatty, FOHBC Treasurer. Gary is from Northport, Florida.


Past FOHBC President and future Hall of Famer, Gene Bradberry (At Large Director). Gene is from Memphis, Tennessee.


Board members hearing about last minute show preparations from show co-chair Michael George.


A lot of history and great bottle leadership behind these guys.


Jim Bender, FOHBC Membership Director. Jim resides in Sprakers, New York.


Jim Berry, FOHBC Secretary. Keeping notes which are always posted on the FOHBC web site. Jim resides in St. Johnsville, New York.


John Pastor, Director at Large (New Hudson, Michigan). Most of us know John from American Glass Gallery Auctions and Antique Bottle & Glass Collector.


Pam Selenak, FOHBC Public Relations Director and John Pastor. Pam came in from Orange County, California.


Randee Kaiser, FOHBC Midwest Director. Randee is from Holts Summit, Missouri.


Sheldon Baugh, FOHBC Merchandise Director (Russellville, Kentucky) next to Bob Ferraro. Sheldon Baugh and Randee Kaiser will be the Lexington National co-chairs.