2015 Mohawk Valley Antique Bottle Club Show Report

Mohawk bottle show 2015 010

Bottle Showroom Floor

2015 Mohawk Valley Antique Bottle Club Show Report

By Jim Bender

The Mohawk Valley Antique Bottle Club held its 21st bottle show last May 3rd at the Maennerchor located in Marcy, N.Y. This was the first time this location was used for the show. Over the years the club has been forced to move its show around because the places being used were sold or got way too expensive. As anyone who has put on a show knows, finding a location that fits all needs can be difficult.

The new location is a bit smaller than last year’s location, but loading and unloading were very easy and the food available was great. It was a sellout of about 60 sales tables. The club was forced to turn down some late contracts due to the sellout. It is suggested that next year everyone get their contracts in early. Holding off to the last minute just makes it hard on everyone.

There were dealers from all over N.Y. State set up. Everyone I spoke to was happy with their sales and had a good time. I always enjoy this show and get to see many of my friends here. The Mohawk club has four members who are also FOHBC board members: Me (Historian), Linda Sheppard (Membership Director), Jim Berry (Secretary) and Val Berry (Merchandise Director). We all help out with whatever we can when it comes to the hobby. If you like a great small show, join us all next year at the Mohawk Valley Antique Bottle Club Show.

As a side note, the word is out that FOHBC is bringing its national show back to the Northeast in 2017. Bob Strickhart and I will be co-chairs and we are planning a fantastic show for all in an exciting location that will be announced in the next week or so. Keep watch as details are released. We plan on seeing everyone there!

Mohawk bottle show 2015 012

Barry Haynes and Mark Jackson visiting

Mohawk bottle show 2015 013

Linda Sheppard standing watch at the Jim Bender table

Mohawk bottle show 2015 017

Jim Berry (FOHBC Secretary)

Mohawk bottle show 2015 018

Rick and Dee Weaver – Always a nice table of Clevenger and later glass

Mohawk bottle show 2015 019

Jim Becker (left) and Ron Weir

Mohawk bottle show 2015 020

Val Berry (FOHBC Merchandise Director) at the gate

Mohawk bottle show 2015 023

Some great modern folk art hand painted bottles by Dick Aiken

Mohawk bottle show 2015 026

Chris Davis from the Rochester Club

Mohawk bottle show 2015 027

Alex Caiola – a face seen at most Northeast shows

Mohawk bottle show 2015 028

Interesting go-with offered by Alex Caiola

Mohawk bottle show 2015 032

Fran Hughes of the Albany Club visits with Jim Becker