2015 Saratoga Bottle Show

saragtoga show 2015 005

Nice colors on the Barry Haynes table

2015 Saratoga Bottle Show

By Jim Bender

The National Bottle Museum held its annual fund-raising bottle show on Sunday, June 7, 2015. This year, a decision was made to return to where it all started years ago at the Saratoga County Fair Grounds. When I first drove in, a lot of old memories popped into my head of all the fun times we had there in the past.

Many dealers were busy unloading and getting set up when I arrived. The building used this year was a bit chilly early in the morning, but as the sun came up it warmed up and was fine. The lighting was not as strong as most bottle people like it, but once the big doors opened it worked out fine. Some dealers set up outside as the day turned out to be warm and sunny. It was nice to walk back and forth from inside to outside. I have always loved an outside show myself when the weather permits.

There was a busy show room all day. The dealers I asked said they all did well and were happy. It was a great turnout as always. I enjoyed seeing friends and other dealers which is what shows are really all about for me. The internet has its place in the hobby for sure, but it’s nothing like the hands-on-feel of a show. The internet has its place in the hobby for sure but it’s nothing like the hands on feel of a show. James Becker won the 50/50 raffle. James should buy a lotto ticket as he won the door prize at the Mohawk Show last month.

All three of the major auction houses were there supporting the National Bottle Museum. Plans were already being thought out for next year’s show including the use of a brand new building which had been finished just days before the show. I look forward to next year and can only see things on the uphill swing at this point.

Moving back to a Sunday show was the first step. Organizers also made sure that the date did not coincide with another show which happens from time to time. I was so happy to see all the dealers who continue to support the museum and show. It is a lot of work putting on a show. They need us all to help them get this show back to where it was years ago. It will happen with everyone’s continued support. I plan on seeing everyone there next year.

Jim Bender

FOHBC Historian

saragtoga show 2015 001

Linda Sheppard overseeing the Jim Bender sales table

saragtoga show 2015 004

Jim Healy always happy and in a great mood

saragtoga show 2015 007

Greg Bair getting ready to sell

saragtoga show 2015 010

Show room floor overview

saragtoga show 2015 012

Jim Berry and Vance enjoying the show

saragtoga show 2015 013

Norm Heckler Sr and Jr at their table

saragtoga show 2015 015

Jim Healy always ready to share a story, This time with my sister and niece.

saragtoga show 2015 017

Terry McMurray always nice things to sell

saragtoga show 2015 019

Interesting Display on J Lake soda bottles

saragtoga show 2015 027

Mike O’brian enjoying the weather with his wife

saragtoga show 2015 028

Nothing like a good out door show

saragtoga show 2015 029

Glass always looks best in the sun

saragtoga show 2015 034

A nice pair of bird crocks at the Ron Ranka table

saragtoga show 2015 036

Mark Vuono (center) and Norman Heckler (left) enjoying each others company

saragtoga show 2015 038

Jim Hall and Mike George share a tent, great glass as always

saragtoga show 2015 039

John Pastor and Liz Maxbauer from American Glass Gallery enjoying the sun

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