2015 Reno Antique Bottle Show and Sale

2015 Reno Antique Bottle Show and Sale


Just a few photos from the Reno Antique Bottle Show and Sale held last weekend.

1. The doors just opened and the upcoming 2016 Sacramento Convention co-chair, Beverley Siri (pictured below), is elected to hold down the fort while husband, Richard Siri, is out “hunting”. The venue was the always great Grand Sierra Hotel & Resort, the site of the 2006 National Antique Bottle Show, in Reno, Nevada.


2. Dale and Barbara Santos (below) of El Cerrito, California, are ready for business.


3. A strong supporter of bottle shows in the Western Region is Doug Hansen (below), who was almost ready for action in this photo.


4. A couple of very odd ammonia bottles walked in the door and found each other (see below). The bottle on the left is unquestionably amber, or is it? the top third grades into aquamarine. It is base embossed OGW, the initials for the short-lived Oakland Glass Works. The bottle on the right is a very odd aqua milk glass with some translucency in the body and completely opaque from the shoulder upwards. Two really odd colors.


5. These two strange bottles soon met up with another oddity – a strap sided flask that is a pretty green but is so swirled with amber in its bottom half that it really becomes bi-color (see below). A lot more great bottles were present but seldom is such a threesome in attendance.


Eric McGuire
FOHBC Western Director