2015 Chattanooga National – FOHBC Board Meeting


Friday Morning, 8:00 am – Noon – Marriott East Room

*Photographs by Mallory Boyle

With a strong turnout, as most of the 19 board members were present, the board meeting ran smoothly and four hours were up in a blink, it seemed. Our conference line was available for board members who could not make the trip. We started off with a full report on the Chattanooga Show with co-chairs John Joiner an Jack Hewitt and moved on to the 2016 National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo in Sacramento, Calif. Eric McGuire, Western Region Director, gave an update here. From there we moved to the 2017 National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo in Springfield, Mass. Co-Chair Jim Bender gave an update. If that was not enough show business, 2018 Midwest Region Co-Chairs Louis Fifer and Matt Lacy gave us an update on their work in securing a venue for the 2018 Convention. Looks like Cleveland, Ohio is a front runner here. Louis is also Conventions Director and stated that he is also fielding requests for information for our 2019 Southern Region Show.

From there we talked about finances, investments, membership, BOTTLES and EXTRAS, the Virtual Museum, merchandise, our web site and facebook page, Hall of Fame and Honor Roll, awards, history and next years board elections. A full plate you might say. I am just so proud here with the FOHBC board that we have in place now. Lots of strength in every corner and plenty of new ideas and open minds.


Semi-Annual FOHBC Board Meeting at Marriott East Room. Note intercom conference line in center and flat screen for projecting support imagery.


Chattanooga National Co-Chairs John Joiner (left) and Jack Hewitt check out the 108 page Souvenir Program.


Western Region Director, Eric McGuire (left) and Jim Bender (FOHBC Historian) (2017 Springfield Co-Chair).


Val Berry (FOHBC Merchandise Director) and Jim Berry (FOHBC Secretary) taking notes.



Louis Fifer (FOHBC Conventions Director)


ALL FOHBC Meeting Notes are posted online a few weeks or so after a meeting or conference call.



Steve Ketcham (left) (Director at Large), John Pastor (Director at Large) and Matt Lacy (Midwest Region Director).


Federation President, Ferdinand Meyer V


The Rolling Thunder Auction catalogs were passed out during the meeting.


Financial Reports, Auction Catalog, Meeting Agenda and Souvenir Program


A four hour meeting requires coffee, water and light snacks.


Linda Sheppard (FOHBC Membership Director) sitting next to Val Berry. Elizabeth Meyer (FOHBC Business Manager) and Gene Bradberry, Second Vice President (bottom).