2016 Sacramento National Souvenir Program (Sneak Preview) The Best of The West


2016 Sacramento National Souvenir Program (Sneak Preview)

The Best of The West


Three veteran western bottle collectors endeavored to produce a list of the most important twenty-five 19th century bottles with respect to collector’s interest. Knowing that this is no easy task, as everyone has their favorites, a set of criteria was established as guidelines to develop the list. They included such issues as age, history, aesthetics, rarity and at times, other more nebulous details. Use categories were also developed in order to include a broad perspective of use types.

With some concessions by all, a top 25 was quickly developed but it was apparent that many more candidates should also be on the list. The top 25 quickly became the top 50 and the numbers still climbed. Against the best judgment of all it was necessary to create a new absolute top number which was arbitrarily set at 70. Any higher and the list would become completely unmanageable for its intended purpose – that is to introduce a list of really interesting bottles to the collecting public in a booklet designed to be a giveaway at a FOHBC Sacramento National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo. Still realizing that there are many more highly collectible and interesting bottles not represented here, the title of this list might want to be re-named “Some of the Best of the West”. There will be no disagreement by most that many collectors will see qualified candidates missing to which there is no argument. Perhaps the next list will include some of your favorites.

There are a couple more important criteria that were also considered. Color was played down as a overriding attribute. It is obvious that an unusual or unique color of an otherwise low ranking contender could trump nearly every other criteria, as it is not impossible for almost any bottle to be found in an exceptional and rare color. Another criterion of importance is that only whole examples were considered for the list. At least one whole example must be known.