Presidents Message (July August 2016)

One of the more interesting persons that I have met along the way is Federation member Ken Previtali. He is candid, creative, smart and also the “Ginger Ale Man.” You may remember his great, award-winning display at the 2013 FOHBC National Antique Bottle Show in Manchester, New Hampshire. Anyway, Ken advised me when I started writing President’s Messages to use “we” as much as possible, as this is not about “me.” Yes, did I say Ken was candid? Of course Ken is right. There is a much bigger picture and as my mom used to say, “the earth does not revolve around me.” Well, Ken, I think about your advice each issue, but I’m going to pass a little to the left because I need to get this in print and off my chest. READ

FOHBC _President Art

Pres_Message_July August 2016