Oregon Bottle Collectors Association (OBCA) Show and Sale

Oregon Bottle Collectors Association (OBCA) Show and Sale

23 February 2017

Amidst the frequent winter storms that have plagued the West Coast, the Oregon Bottle Collectors Association held its show and sale on February 17th and 18th in the town of Aurora, about 20 miles south of Portland. As fate would have it, opening day was greeted with a virtually cloudless sky that everyone knew was but a short respite from the storms that have drenched the Webfoot State. The show was small but well attended, and held in the Aurora American Legion Hall. It generally attracts collectors from Oregon and Washington.

My wife, Lisa, and I were already visiting a son in Eugene, Oregon, so the additional 120 miles was well worth the time to expend for the cause of a bottle show. Most attendees seemed keenly interested in bottles from the Northwest and weren’t hesitant to pick up items that suited their interest.

Eric McGuire, FOHBC Western Region Director

We were greeted at the door by OBCA member, Kim Junker, who was collecting the “early looker” fee.

Long time collector, Vince Harbick, on the left, was kept busy collecting money while his lovely wife was kept busy selling doing the actual selling (in the red vest).

As usual, when the vendor bottles came out of the boxes and hit the tables, a crowd was sure to gather.

Scott Slowter was hard at work trying to sell some of his wares – or maybe he was just laughing at a joke.

Across the aisle, club member Joe Imholt was kept busy selling a variety of interesting items.

If there is a bottle sale on the West Coast, you will invariably find Pete Hendricks participating. He always has a great variety of interesting items.

Charlie Horn with his sales bottles. He got to take care of the Vet’s flags.

This is where all the Bromo-Seltzer bottles are hiding.

These folks were assigned to the basement – the only table down there, but they had no complaints. They were thoroughly entertaining and loved to talk “bottles.” One of the social highlights of the show.