In Memory of R. J. Brown

In Memory of R. J. Brown

Long-time federation member Zang Wood sent us a letter he sent to the previous publisher of AB&GC on March 11, 2021. It said, “In hopes you all might do a story in memory of R.J. Brown and his “Flag” bottles. Like the bottlers who proudly displayed “Old Glory” on their bottles, R.J. was and most Americans I know are proud of their country and its symbol of freedom. R.J. Brown, Bob Harms and I were friends, collectors and competitors for Hutchinson bottles for more than 40 years. I miss both of them. Enclosing a copy of R.J.’s obituary. Feel free to use any part of it. Thanks for your consideration. Best with blessings for the road ahead.”

Zang Wood
Farmington, New Mexico

R. J. Brown

See Richard James “R.J.” Brown Sr. Obituary

[Above Left to Right] “Jiacomo Esposito 612 & 614 Fitzwater St. Phila., Pa.” + “J. Moran Burlington, Vt.” + “A. Mottlowitz 14th & Johnson Sts. Chicago Trade Mark Registered This Bottle Is Never Sold” + “G. Esposito Philada.” + “J. Esposito 706 Fulton, St. Philada.”

[Above Left to Right] “Registered J. Esposito 812-814 Washington Ave. Philada, Pa.” + “American Soda Works S. F.” + “Registered J. Esposito 812-814 Washington Ave. Philada, Pa.” + “J. A. Krusling & Huesmann Cincinnati” + “Jas. Esposito 812 & 14 Washington Ave. Philada.”

[Above Left to Right] “Standard Bottling Co. Pawtucket, R.I.” + “Samuel J. Leonard Trade Mark Baltimore, Md.” + C. L. May Trade Mark Baltimore, Md.” + “S. H. Farnham Westerly, R. T.” + “J. E. McKinley Frankford, Pa”