Attention Bottle Divers & Bottle Beachcombers

Looking for some individuals who dive for bottles or find bottles on beaches!

Hi Ferdinand,

I hope all is well! I’m writing because we’re looking for potential candidates for our profile section of Coastal Living Magazine, and we’d love to consider someone who collects antique bottles that have either washed ashore or been found in sunken ships. Do you know if you have any members of FOHBC who would fit the bill?

Wondering if you could also ask members to include the following:

(1) Where they live

(2) A few sentences about their collecting background

(3) A snapshot of themselves—preferably with their bottles or on the beach!

Thanks again! Excited to see who we find!

Coastal Living Magazine

[FOHBC] Please send your information to and I will forward to magazine per their request. Thanks!