FOHBC 2016 Sacramento National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo | Educational Displays | Benicia Glass – Natures Tiffany


FOHBC 2016 Sacramento National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo Educational Displays

Michael & Karen Peart  Benicia Glass – Natures Tiffany

This year at the FOHBC 2016 Sacramento National Antique Bottle Convention & Expo, twenty (20) outstanding displays were presented. These included:

Ken & Reine Salter • 17th-19th Century American & European Black Glass
Mike & Kathie Craig • Warner’s Safe Bottles & Posters
Richard & Beverley Siri • Hostetter’s Bitters
Tom & Susan Lines • Schafer & Vater Whiskey Nips
Gregg Wilson • Codd/Globe Stoppered Worldwide Bottles
Rick & Deloras Siri • California Small Town Whiskies
Russell & Kitty Umbraco • Lewis 66 Whiskey – Utah Liquor Co.
Michael & Karen Peart • Benicia Glass – Natures Tiffany
Bob Hirsch • Apothecary Cabinet & Misc. Bottles
Ron & Gary Barnes • Owl Drug Co.
Jeannett Barnes • Miniatures
Colin & May Jung • California Glass Insulator Co., Signals etc.
Dan & Max Bell • Gold Rush Artifacts
Richard & Lauri Olson • Jamaica Ginger / Extract Ginger
Henry & Cecilia Guillen • U.S.A. Hospital Dept. Bottles
Richard Dana & Jim Monahan • Canning Jars
Arnie Lowenstein • EC & M San Francisco Glass Insulators
Andrew Koutsoukos • Pioneer West Coast Digging: A Pictorial Display
Warren Friedrich • 
California Grown Glass from P.G.W and S.F.G.W
Michael Mackintosh • 
Early American Glass & Seals

Viewers were asked to VOTE for their favorite display as “Best in Show” and “Most Educational” awards were given. The announcement of the winners occurred on Sunday, August 7th between at 2:30 pm.

While the Warner’s Safe Bottles & Posters display took both ribbons, you could rely on every person who visited the displays to say “wow” to the outstanding  Benicia Glass – Natures Tiffany display by Michael & Karen Peart. Amazing and well worth the effort as this was the finest display ever of this glass type.

Thank you Russell Umbraco and Richard Siri for making this and other displays possible.

All photographs are by our official show photographer, Angelina (Gina) Pellegrini unless otherwise noted.

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Benicia Glass – Natures Tiffany











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