FOHBC Augusta Banquet

2019 FOHBC 50th Anniversary National Antique Bottle Convention | Augusta, Georgia | FOHBC Banquet

Marriott Convention Center Hotel | Oglethorpe Ballroom

Friday, 02 August 2019 | 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

10 September 2019

Each FOHBC national event has a banquet that is preceded by a cocktail hour. What is so nice about these dinners is that it is a chance to unwind after a long day that typically includes the Membership Breakfast, Educational Seminars, Ribbon Cutting and Early Admission.

The previous day consisted of the FOHBC Board Meeting, Mike & Julie Newman Open HouseAugusta Museum of History Reception and Sweet Georgia Peaches Bottle Competition. Whew, did this already happen! So yes, a cocktail party and dinner to unwind with your bottle friends as the General Admission and last convention day would start early the next morning. The evenings lineup certainly did entertain.

Organizing the cocktail party and banquet dinner usually resides with the Conventions Director and local team, in this case Team Augusta. Ferdinand Meyer V was responsible for room layout, operations and acted as the Marriott liaison. Marty Vollmer and Eric Warren were responsible for meals and tickets, Elizabeth Meyer was responsible for the dinner theme and table centerpieces, Bill Baab for the keynote banquet speaker, Val Berry was responsible for club awards, and Matt and Elizabeth Lacy were responsible for the agenda. See Agenda. Matt as President, would emcee the dinner. His wife, Elizabeth would run the audio visual presentation and photo document the dinner. Isabella Alucema would act as the stage hostess. That’s quite a group effort. Of course there were others that helped out too.

The meal this year consisted of a Caprese Salad and main course options such as Smoked Beef Brisket, Herb Roasted Chicken Breast or for vegetarians, Polenta Corn Cake with grilled vegetables. All served with mashed potatoes and chef’s choice of vegetables. A cheesecake dessert was preset on the table. Of course there was tea, coffee, water, rolls etc. A cash bar was set up in the prefunction area where the cocktail party occurred from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Tickets were $33.oo +, meaning around $45 by the time all the service charges are added in. You’re paying for the meal of course, but you also have the ballroom, the service which was excellent, and amenities such as audio visual, stage set-up etc.

Elizabeth Meyer, prior to arriving in Augusta, went out to an antique shop or two and bough a mix-and-match assortment of antique bowls for the centerpieces. Once they arrived in town, she and Ferdinand went to the rather well-know Sara’s Fresh Market peach stand in South Carolina and bought thirteen baskets of large handpicked fresh peaches. Yes, we said South Carolina and not Georgia peaches. A sticker pre-hidden beneath each banquet table, on one chair only, allowed the winner which was announced at the end of the banquet to take home the bowl and basket of peaches. Just a little something extra.

We attended the Banquet. The food was very good, and the speaker Justin Guy was out of this world, very entertaining.

Jeff & Joseph Scharnowske – Owosso, Michigan

The talk that Justin Guy gave on Edgefield County pottery was not long and drawn out. He added many facts to an entertaining way of speaking. Everyone there seemed to really enjoy it. I was also very happy to see the FOHBC give Sheldon Baugh a special award for service to the hobby. Sheldon is a great friend and a true gentlemen. The hobby is lucky to have him.

Jim Bender – Sprakers, New York

Bill Baab suggested that master potter Justin Guy be our keynote speaker. Justin was born and reared in Edgefield County, South Carolina in the Trenton area and has worked in clay for over twenty years. He grew up living only a short distance from where Dave and other potters made their wares for over a century. His talk was great as we received many favorable comments. His wife Tonya joined him on stage as she works in decorating his pots. She also ran the slide show. A very impressive couple.

Tonya just reminded me of the greatest compliment we could possibly receive, which was that several collectors mentioned that we converted them from being exclusively glass collectors before the show to enjoying and collecting southern pottery afterwards. I can assure you that was music to my ears!

Justin & Tonya Guy – Edgefield, South, Carolina

Along with the typical club awards, Bill Baab received the President’s Award and Sheldon Baugh received the first ever, Lifetime Achievement Award. That moment was really special. Sheldon also gave the invocation prayer to start the banquet. See this years award list.

We thought we would share a few pictures taken by our event photographer, Elizabeth Lacy who is also our Public Relations officer. We think she did a great job!

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The doors opened at 6:15 sharp for ballroom seating.

FOHBC President Matt Lacy, welcoming everyone to dinner.

Sheldon Baugh and the invocation prayer.

Friends and Table Groupings

We’ll try to caption as many photos as possible. Please send any corrections or missing names to so we can update the pictures. Thanks!

Mike and Kathy Craig from Campbell, California. Sitting with Wisconsin members.

Posing for smiles. Jeanie and Paul Chance on the right from Savannah, Georgia.

Left: Mark Williams.

Posing for Elizabeth.

Far right, Doug Simms and Marilyn Lavanna from Montgomery, Alabama.

Left to right: Bev and Richard Siri, Lisa and Eric McGuire, Lou and Bonnie Pellegrini, Jordan Ott and Gini Pellegrini. The west coast table.

Another almost west coast table with Mike and Dixie Bryant from San Diego and Dar Fur from the Los Angeles area. Don Keating and Melanie Zoller from Rochester, New York on the far right.

Steve Ketcham, Bill Mitchill, Chris Sadar and Kathie Mitchell. The Wisconsin table.

Bea and Bill Baab from Augusta. Harvey S. Teal from Columbia, South Carolina.

Left to right: Brenda and Sheldon Baugh, Louis, Lindsey and Logan Fifer, Linda and John Fifer, Julie and Mike Newman. VIP table.

Left to right: Owen Lacy, Linda Sheppard, Jim Bender, Mark and Andrew Vuono, Jim and Val Berry and Matt Lacy. Presidents’ VIP table.

Seems like peach cobbler would have been the dessert. Left to right: Mary and John Bray, Paul and Dorothy Tutko on right.

A nice group. Carlyn and Bill Brugman. Perry Hendrix, far right.

Tonya and Justin Guy with their daughter.

Left to right: Isabella Alucema and Elizabeth Meyer (Houston), Helen and Jerry Forbes (Big Sur), Ferdinand Meyer V.

Guests from the International Perfume Bottle Association.

Mike Newman and Owen Lacy.

The first of many FOHBC banquets for Logan Fifer.

Justin and Tonya Guy

Justin Guy, banquet keynote speaker.

Tonya Guy assists with Justin’s pottery decorations and with the audio visual presentation.

A captive audience.

President Lacy thanks the Guys for a great presentation, to a room of applause.

The Awards

Bill Baab from Team Augusta receiving the President’s Award from Matt Lacy. Bill hates it when his fans rush the stage!

President Matt Lacy presents the Lifetime Achievement Award to Sheldon Baugh.

Sheldon Baugh and some of his FOHBC board member friends. Left to right: Louis Fifer, Val Berry, Jim Berry, Sheldon Baugh, Jim Bender, Matt Lacy.

Matt Lacy presenting Mike Bryant and the San Diego Antique Bottle Club an award.

Dar Furda from the Los Angeles Historical Bottle Club accepts an award.

The International’s Perfume Bottle Association received a number of awards. Posing with Matt is Elizabeth Creech.

All in all, a great evening for those who attended.